Fear and desire are two sides of a single coin.

When someone craves a connection, they fear rejection. When they crave success, they fear failure; if they long for wealth, they fear poverty.

You’ve probably seen high achievers and entrepreneurs working tirelessly towards their goals. They go without sleeping or eating for days to complete a project or a plan. Why do they do that? It’s because they are also afraid of the other side of the coin: Failure.

Fear and desires are among the greatest weapons in the world. They can destroy nations and burn villages, like the Fantasy Romance Books world of Sheorae in Tyger Price’s novel, Bearing the Blades.

For centuries Sheorae fell victim to the atrocities of Drokmar, who desired power as he feared he would perish if the Blades fell into good hands. And thankfully, his fears become a reality when little Adianna finds this powerful weapon in her hands. Unlike Drokmar, she only desires peace.

What do you think Adianna should do in such a situation? She could let her fear limit her capabilities or let the desire for peace fuel her to fulfill her destiny.

If you are at a similar crossroads, learn how to overcome your fears to achieve your deepest desires.

Make Mindfulness Your Daily Mantra

Pay attention to what is going on in the present.

Whenever you see the dark clouds of desire and fear approaching, remind yourself that they cannot hurt you. You’re stronger than these intangible waves of negativity. Move your focus toward your aim, and count your strengths that will and have helped you before in your journey.

The protagonist of Tyger Price’s Book Bearing the Blades also used mindfulness to escape the intrusive thoughts bubbling in her mind. During her days at Elfin High, Adianna often roamed the woods, absorbing the scenery. Instead of worrying about the cruel fate that awaits her, she chooses to live in the moment and savor every sight unfolding before her eyes.

Cut Yourself Some Slack

The negative interactions and environment around us often trigger our fears. People tend to give up their dreams under stressful situations since no emotional support or relief exists. Thus, it’s necessary to take some precautionary steps to cool off. Adianna did the same when she felt stuffy within the towering walls of Elfin High; she would gaze at the lush green scenery while resting against the elm tree of the forest.

You can also practice yoga or meditation to gain peace; even walking in the park is enough. Breathe in the fresh air and breathe out all the negative thoughts inside. Instead of thinking, what will happen if things go south? Plan ways to make things right.

A Pat on the Back and a Friendly Conversation

Sometimes all you need to silence those inner whispers is a pat on the back.

Our fears often stem from loneliness and a lack of support for our desires. When you feel fear coming closer, seek solace in a friend, mentor, or acquaintance. Tell them about your struggles and internal turmoils. Speaking to another person can offer immense relief. You can ask for their assistance in removing these fears by identifying underlying causes. Adianna also took advice from her beloved Memsy and Uncle Daerlot when she was stuck in the battle between fear and desire.

Follow Adianna’s story and how she overcame her fear and worked fearlessly toward her desires. Will Drokmar win this battle of wits and power? Or will righteousness prevail? Find out in Tyger Price’s recent release: Bearing the Blades on Amazon.