NFTs are a groundbreaking innovation in the tech field which is revolutionising each and every sector possible, and the gaming industry is no exception. Gaming NFT and NFt marketplace for game assets are playing a major role in contributing toward the sale of NFTs. 


The recent report released by for Q3, 2022, has established that gaming NFT sales have contributed 40% to the total number of NFT sales during the particular time period. In addition, the same report has also mentioned that 30% of the active crypto wallets hold Game assets as NFTs. 


Having such a strong market presence, NFT and the gaming industry are set to transform the traditional gaming model into a futuristic and rewarding gaming platform. 


Traditional Games Vs. Web 3.0 P2E Games


If you are to compare the benefits you could reap from these two gaming models, then Web 3.0 P2E games are definitely the winner. NFT marketplaces for game assets enable players to purchase NFTs such as characters, avatars, skins, and other in-game assets. These NFTs aid players in owning unique game assets that are different from other players, unlike traditional games. 


Moreover, P2E games help players to monetize their playing time, which is impossible in traditional games. 




P2E games and NFT marketplaces for game assets are all geared up to continue dominating the NFT market sales. If you are a gamer out there, all I would say is that there is no other good time than now to adopt these revenue-showering gaming models.