You can’t just hire a spider exterminator to get rid of termites. You require a company that is focused on or has specialized skills in controlling termites.

You need a company that is aware of the distinctions between successful termite treatment and general pest control procedures and has the knowledge, tools, and resources to implement such treatments.

Here is an example to help you understand the difference between searching for “cockroaches control near me” and “termite exterminators near me”:

Pest Control VS Termite Control

The majority of termites are underground creatures that live in mud-like tubes they construct deep beneath the ground. These “mud tubes” (created by their excrement) are used by underground termites to travel in search of food. Expert treatments must be used around any of the foundations of the termites’ buildings in order to effectively eliminate these termites.

Any termite treatment service may involve drilling in areas where termite populations need to be entirely eliminated, such as underneath concrete slabs. A termite and pest control specialist will do an excellent job since they guarantee the complete eradication of these potentially extremely expensive critters.

Controlling Pests

Most current pest control methods are effective in getting rid of crawling pests like earwigs, crickets, centipedes, ants, spiders, and desert roaches. When flying insects touch down on any treated areas, they can also be effective against them. However, termites residing inside of their defense mud tubes and subterranean colonies will not be affected by a typical pest management strategy. Although various treatments are required, pest control specialists will watch for and recognize indicators during routine services.

The Distinctions between Termite Control Services and Pest Control Services

You can’t just hire any pest control firm to deal with the problem when you have termites. You will need a business that is committed to its training and is trained in Chandler termite pest treatment. You need to work with a business that completely comprehends the key distinctions between standard pest management and termite control; they must also have the knowledge and tools necessary to implement specialist treatments. The distinctions between pest control firms and those who focus entirely on termite management are explained below to assist you to understand:

Treatment Objective

This treatment aims to totally remove all termites from your property and the area surrounding it. Termites will quickly grow and have the capacity to cause great devastation in a short period of time. Termite control is an all-out attack to eradicate every single one of them in or around your property, whereas pest management may target those insects in your house.

Specialized Knowledge

A normal pest control company’s technicians typically lack specific training because they are not required to. They only need to be aware of the kind of pest you have and the area where the pesticides should be applied. They don’t need specific training because they pick up new skills rapidly once they start working for a company. The specialist only needs to spray the appropriate pesticides into the precise place to provide regular chemical treatment.

However, finding termites requires knowledge, comprehension of their behavior, and diligent study. To eradicate termites, a termite pest control specialist has to know just how to get there. This could entail going deep underground, setting up baits, drilling through various materials, and other things.

It can be difficult since you have to determine the kind of termite, where it is, and how serious the infestation is. To do this procedure correctly, you need to be trained and have a specific set of abilities. The therapy is useless if it is administered improperly. It won’t completely eradicate all termites from your house or property, and it won’t stop new termites from displacing the ones that were killed. In all honesty, you might as well be wasting your money if you don’t use a specialist termite pest treatment firm.

Long vs. Short-Term Solutions

Most people who search for “spider pest control near me” have a spider infestation and want the pests eradicated. However, a lot of people might only be searching for a temporary fix for their termite and pest problems.

Termite treatment focuses on offering long-term solutions; they eliminate the termites that are already present in and around your house, leaving you with only the task of preventing their re-entry.

Your home may occasionally have a trench excavated around it so that a perimeter barrier may be built to keep termites away. In order to ensure that the termites have been entirely eliminated, make sure to schedule follow-up consultations.

Methods of Termite Control

Liquid Termite Control

If you have searched for “termite pest control near me” the expert might use liquid termite control as it’s one of the more traditional methods of controlling termites is to use a liquid to destroy them. These liquid control methods, which use chemicals to create a barrier around the house to prevent termites from entering, are among the quickest. This approach should only be used by qualified pest control professionals.

The biggest problem with chemical treatment is that the pollutants linger in the soil around your home for a very long time.

Baits for Termite Traps

Bait traps are effective for controlling termites without harming the environment, in contrast to liquid termite control. They were created to destroy termites in various ways.

There are two types of bait traps: liquid and food. In various places throughout your property, you bury the bait trap (often in a plastic stake). If a qualified termite control business uses the traps, some of them will be loaded with wood. They use these traps to see if termites are getting into the traps. Once you receive a good response, the poison will be used in place of the wood.

Borate for Wood Treatment

Borate is a substance that is frequently used to kill termites, however, it is less effective when applied directly to wood. Sadly, the treatment is useless if you discover termite damage around your house after it has been completed. Borate is not entirely a waste of time, though, as you can use it on any other exposed wood surfaces in your home.

A whole colony cannot be eliminated by borate treatment. The fact that termites cannot digest the wood they are eating makes this chemical effective. Because protozoa in their digestive tract convert the wood they consume into nutrition, but borate kills the protozoa, which effectively causes them to starve to death.


The drywood termite is one species that this method works very well against.

Pest Management Techniques

Effective Knowledge

Understanding the type of insect you are dealing with as well as its lifespan is crucial. Only after that can you create management plans for them. Make no mistake when identifying a specific pest; doing so will help you avoid wasting time and money on ineffective methods.

Organic Pest Control Technique

More and more people are turning to natural remedies that focus directly on the pest and avoid harming other plants or animals in the process when it comes to reducing the damage that insects and other small animals inflict.

It is the most economical method of pest management, particularly in challenging terrain. insecticidal soap, oil spray, and parasitic nematodes, among other things are also effective organic pest control means.

Organic Regulation

Although it may be done outdoors as well, this technique is usually utilized in greenhouses. The introduction of a pest’s natural enemies, such as parasites, predators, and viruses, interferes with the pest’s capacity to grow, reproduce, or live, which is how biological pest management works.

Chemical Pesticides

In homes, businesses, workplaces, farms, and many other places, a large number of chemical pesticides are now in use. Pesticides come in three different forms: liquid, solid, and aerosol. They are categorized by the kind of pests they are intended to eradicate. The three types of pesticides—insecticides, bactericides, and herbicides—are employed to eradicate certain pests.

Pests that swallow pesticides—either by eating them or by contacting their body surfaces directly—will perish as a result. Always carefully read the directions on the package before using a spray to prevent contaminating food, water, plates, cups, and other necessary household objects.

We hope you now understand the difference between exterminating cockroaches and termites.