Introducing the best-in-class and premium quality models from Mahindra and Tata companies. Besides, the blog overviews three models serving adequate efficiency for long-term returns. 

Thus, go through the description for Mahindra Blazo, Tata Signa and the Tata Ultra T7 Price

1. Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric Truck

The Tata ULTRA T.7 Electric Truck is a game-changer with a 98HP electric motor, ensuring reliable transportation. Furthermore, its quick charging time of approximately 2 hours makes it highly efficient. Moreover, the EV has exceptional mileage and fuel savings, making it an economical business choice. Hence, the Tata EV reshapes the future of sustainable solutions.

  • Engine / Battery Capacity: 62.5 kWh Battery Capacity
  •  GVW: 7490 – 8750 kg
  •  Payload Capacity: 3692 – 4935 KG
  •  Wheelbase: 3550 – 3900 MM
  •  Range: 100 km per charge

2. Mahindra Blazo X 35 Truck

The Mahindra Blazo X 35 Truck boasts a robust 280 HP engine with 1050 NM torque, offering excellent power. Moreover, it excels in transport with high payload capacity and superior maneuverability. Besides, well-configured tires provide the truck with exceptional grip. Hence, the price range of Rs. 37.90 to Rs. 39.00 Lakh makes it a compelling, efficient choice.

  • Engine / Battery Capacity: 7200 CC Engine Capacity
  •  GVW: 35000 KG
  •  Wheelbase: 6100 MM
  •  Cabin: Box body; Cabin type & Sleeper Cabin 
  •  Mileage: 4.5 kmpl

3. Tata Signa 4221.T Truck

The Tata Signa 4221.T Truck impresses with its 204 HP engine and 850 NM torque. Moreover, it offers a generous payload capacity for secure heavy material transport. Furthermore, the sleeper cabin ensures stress-free long-haul trips. Besides, the truck delivers a high-balanced driving experience with smooth, grease-free steering. Hence, it has a price range of Rs. 45.31 – Rs. 52.31 Lakh.

  • Engine / Battery Capacity: 5005 CC Engine Capacity
  • GVW: 42000 KG
  • Wheelbase: 6800 MM
  • Cabin: Day & Sleeper Cabin
  • Mileage: 4 kmpl