Beverage businesses consider Custom Bottle Neckers as a significant and well-performing tool in marketing. These are available in different sizes, shapes, and colors, enticing the target audience to your beverage products. But have ever wondered what makes Custom bottle Neckers so attractive and noteworthy?

Well, this is the magic of the paper used and printing and coating techniques used while manufacturing. There is a slew of printing and coating options that are used in the packaging industry. This blog dives deep into what are the different printing techniques and papers used in the manufacturing process.

So let us start….

Types of paper used in the manufacturing of personalized Bottle Neckers

On an industrial scale, there are four types of paper used:

1-Corrugated paper

2-Rigid paperboard

3-Cardboard material

4-Kraft material

Corrugated paper:

Corrugated is cardboard that has more thickness and contains heavy paper pulp. It forms a thick arrangement of cards that transforms into a strong box, which makes it a go-to choice for crafting packaging boxes and bottle Neckers. Corrugated paper comes in a particular zig-zag-like pattern. The zig-zag pattern is responsible for providing extra strength for all sides of the packaging box.

Here is a list of benefits that corrugated paper provides to Custom bottle Neckers:



3-Lightweight and versatile

4-Cost effective

2-Rigid Paperboard:

Rigid paperboard is often used to manufacture printed bottle Neckers. Manufacturing of rigid paperboard includes Kraft of high thickness usually 36- to 120-point thickness. It can be wrapped in your desired material. Like corrugated boxes, rigid paperboard paper is also customizable and thus a good choice for bottle Neckers.


Cardboard is a word frequently read and spoken in the packaging field. This material is known for its great strength and recyclability. It is specially engineered from paper pulp, which makes it lightweight, versatile, and sturdy.

It is biodegradable, renewable, and reusable and these characteristics make this material a great choice for crafting personalized bottle Neckers.

4-Kraft material:

It is a naturally found material that has brown color and has unusual strength for packaging. Kraft is mainly composed of pulp that imparts durability, elasticity, and eco-friendliness. An important plus point of this material is that it features different printing techniques and themes to give the packaging a unique and alluring look. Therefore, it also proves to be a good material for the manufacturing of c bottle Neckers.

Different printing options are used while manufacturing Custom bottle Neckers

In the above section, you covered the types of paper material used. Now, we will walk you through the different printing techniques used at the industrial level to give custom-printed bottle Neckers an alluring look.

  • Offset printing technique
  • Digital printing technique
  • Offset printing technique:

This printing technique is often used to create high-quality prints with sharp and high-resolution images on custom bottle Neckers. It is favorable and recommended choice for cardboard as it provides a good finish on the paper.

 2-Digital printing technique:

The second popular printing technique is digital printing. Fortunately, It does not require any setup cost and this technique employs digital files to print high-quality designs on the Custom bottle Neckers to make them look flawlessly beautiful.

So, which printing option is the best for you? You can choose when keeping in view the benefits of either one and what suits your packaging stuff or custom printed bottle Neckers.

Color Models for bottle Neckers:

Colors transform ordinary objects into precious and beautiful gems, and bottle Neckers are no exception.

Since the core objective of the bottle, Neckers is to effectively marketize the beverage brand, it needs to be beautiful. But, you need to consider some color models to print designs in the right designs on bottle Neckers.

You can use Pantone colors which are reliable and great for design. There are other color models as well:

1-CMYK model:

This color scheme contains 4 colors. Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and black are the four colors that are mostly used in this model. You can make innumerable color combinations for cardboard bottle Neckers by mixing a new color in these colors.

The Pantone model provides a great finish. The color model is always used after being approved by the Pantone organization.

Final Words:

We hope you have learned a lot about different types of materials and printing techniques. Now you might be able to opt for the best one for your desired packaging.

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