For an Indian bride wearing jewellery is a must. Whether you prefer heavier ones or lightweight ones or even a bit more contemporary ones other than the traditional ones, you have to adorn them. They not only make you look beautiful but are also considered to be sacred during these festivities. More than that, jewellery also has lots of significance. An Indian wedding is considered to be incomplete if the bride does not wear silver anklets or silver Payals. They are the ultimate symbols of feminism.

In Indian weddings, mostly traditional anklets or payals are used. The majority of these traditional bridal anklets have small ghungroos that make a pleasant sound. Indian brides these days also prefer antique silver anklets that give them a contemporary look. In Indian woman’s traditional attire, the silver anklet is one such ornament that has never failed to be there irrespective of their social status or the place where they belong.

The History behind wearing Silver Anklets

As per the historical and archaeological declarations, anklets are there in existence for 8000 years. They are known to be the oldest ones. In those ancient times, anklets were mostly worn by affluent women who used to flaunt their husband’s wealth and riches. And if you will notice anklets are made of silver only and not gold. It is because gold is the symbol of Goddess Lakshmi, the mother of wealth. So wearing them on the feet would be blasphemous, therefore to show respect, gold jewellery is only worn on the upper parts of the body.

As per different cultures, silver anklets are the ultimate symbol of love and fertility. According to astrology, silver anklets pave the road to good luck and protection from negativity. Silver is always considered to be the symbol of feminism as they are known to be part of the moon. It is considered a piece of bridal jewellery because they accelerate your positive energy and always attracts positive attention. Being the bride, one needs to be positive and should also grab positive attention for her happiness.

Significance of Silver Anklets in Astrology

There is a deeper meaning for silver anklets being a must-have as wedding jewellery. It has lots of astrological significance due to which it is integrally connected with Indian weddings. Silver anklets are considered to be the bearer of good luck, charm, and wealth which is considered to be very auspicious for the new bride. Based on the astrological signs they have deeper meanings.

According to expert astrologers, silver anklets represent the holy planet, Mercury. It is generally believed that silver anklets are meant for both outward and inward communication. Hence it has a traditional connection with the astrological sign Gemini. Apart from this, silver anklets are also linked with the sacred Solar Plexus Chakra. This helps us to connect with our intuition, the sixth sense, and spiritual upliftment in a better way. It is essential for the new bride to connect with her mental thoughts and insights.

Sterling Silver Anklets as Bridal Jewellery

Hand in hand with the traditional silver anklets, there is also the rising demand for sterling silver anklets as bridal jewellery. Many Indian brides these days prefer lightweight jewellery that they can use on a regular basis. Traditional heavy jewellery during weddings definitely looks good but cannot be used on a regular basis, they can only be used during grand festivities and events. Lightweight jewellery on the other hand can be easily worn on a regular basis and also during any casual outings as well as grand events.

That’s where sterling silver anklets come into the picture. They are mostly preferred by modern brides these days. They are less expensive in comparison to the traditional ones. More than that they are lightweight, sleek, versatile, sophisticated, and give a stunning look. Anklets in sterling silver from the well-known brand Fira are highly loved by Indian brides. Fira anklets have impeccable designs at a very reasonable price so that everyone can afford them.

Why you should select Fira Sterling Silver Anklets?

I will give you a thousand reasons to select Fira anklets not only as your wedding jewellery but also are best to wear on a regular basis. Let us delve into it in detail.

They can also be bought as an excellent choice for a part of your wedding trousseau which is considered to be sacred in Indian Weddings. If you are looking for silver anklets for women online, no other brand is as trustworthy as Fira in India.

Fira anklets are lightweight, sleek, modern, and durable, which is perfect to wear on a regular basis. Brides these days mostly prefer jewellery that they can wear on a daily basis and even in casual events and outings. So if you select lightweight jewellery, you can easily wear them on a daily basis.

Most importantly heavy-weight traditional jewellery is not safe to use all time and seldom you can wear them on casual outings. Sterling silver anklets are sleek and affordable making it quite safe to wear outside.

Silver anklets are considered to be sacred talismans or amulets that have been worn centuries back. They are believed to protect against sickness and ailments and prevent bad luck.

A happy marriage should be brimming with love. Silver anklets are connected with the planet Venus which brings love into your life. Therefore, not only do they look beautiful but also manifest love in the life of the newly wedded couple.

Fira silver anklets are so versatile that not only you can wear them during your wedding but even after that with traditional or formal or casual outfits. You can even wear them as bracelets also and nobody would be able to understand that.

What makes Fira Anklets so special from other Brands?

If you intend to buy silver anklets online then you will notice that the designs from Fira are way too different than other brands manufacturing silver anklets. The most striking point that sets Fira apart from others is its impeccable designs. By having a glance at anklets from Fira you would understand that it has a striking balance between Indian tradition and modern designs. Anklets from Fira can be easily worn by the bride. Trust me it will look nothing less than those traditional heavy-weight silver anklets.

The wedding is the most important day in a bride’s life and she would make all efforts to look the most beautiful ever on this special day. Irrespective of the color of your wedding outfit, if you adorn your feet with Fira anklets, attention would be on your feet undoubtedly. It will also highlight your bold nature choices during your wedding and not going for the traditional silver Payals.

I have selected my favorite 5 sterling silver anklets that can be perfect for the bride.

Fira Silver Rose Gold Double Layered Chain Anklet

Fira Crystal Gem Duplex Chain Silver Anklet

Fira Crystal Gem Duplex Chain Silver Anklet

Fira Silver Classic Diamond Shrouded Ring Anklet

Fira Silver Classic Diamond Shrouded Ring Anklet

Fira Diamond Stud Box Rope Silver Anklet

Fira Diamond Stud Box Rope Silver Anklet

Fira Silver Spacious Rosegold Arrow Anklet

Fira Silver Spacious Rosegold Arrow Anklet

According to Indian customs, silver anklets are a very piece of jewellery for the bride. In several parts of India, silver anklets glorify the marital status of the woman. These days, sleek designs and lightweight silver anklets are mostly preferred by Indian Brides. They completely complement her style and empower a very contemporary and royal look.

Your wedding is the most important day in your life and make this journey memorable with silver anklets from Fira!!!

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