We understand the difficulties you have while converting PST files to PDF format because we are technical professionals. We are aware that this is a difficult but manageable undertaking. So, in support of this circumstance, we wrote this blog. The complete process of exporting PST files to PDF format is covered in this blog. If you decide to convert your PST file to PDF, you have to carefully read this article. Read this blog all the way through.

We go through two distinct conversion methods in this blog post that you may use to export your PST file to PDF format.

The two Distinct Approaches Are as Follows:

Method 1: Manual procedures using Outlook

Method 2: An automated approach using a PST to PDF converter


We will Now Describe the PST and PDF file formats.

The most popular file format chosen by users is PST. PST files include photos, calendars, journals, notes, tasks, and other data. PST files require Outlook to function.

The safest file format for saving documents is a PDF file. Portable PDF files contain fonts, graphics, hyperlinks, attachments, and more.

PST files may be exported in PDF format for the Aforementioned Reasons.

There are several valid reasons why we convert PST files to PDF format, and we’ll go through some of the most important ones here.

  • PST files cannot be opened on any device; however, PDF files can be simply transferred between many platforms.
  • Without Outlook, a PST file cannot function. When compared to Outlook, the PDF format is more flexible.
  • Password protection is present in PDF files.
  • when the PST files are converted to PDF format. Without an internet connection, PST files may be simply viewed as PDFs.

These are the Justifications for PST file Conversion to PDF Format.

Let’s begin this blog using the manual process. In the manual technique, we will briefly cover each and every topic.

  • The start of the manual approach.
  • The software’s benefits and flaws
  • The process demands conversion.

Method 1: Manual Methods that use Outlook

To convert your PST file to PDF format, go here. by a manual process. Then you must adhere to the instructions below.

  • Start the process by entering the aforementioned information when you log into your Outlook email.
  • The next step is to select the email that you wish to convert.
  • After that, tab to the top left of the file menu.
  • Then select Print from the window by tapping on it.
  • Come to the following slide and push the button.
  • When finished, give your file any name you like and click the save button.

But did you know that this manual technique has a number of drawbacks and that you must be aware of them before utilizing it?

  • It takes a lot of time to convert your PST file to PDF format using this procedure.
  • However, the conversion carried out using this approach is not precise.
  • There is a chance that data will be lost during the conversion.
  • Overall, its working procedures are so complex that neither an expert nor a regular user can use them.
  • This tool does not support bulk transfers.

The manual technique is not the most accurate one, as shown by the cases we used above. We have another expert and automated approach to get out of these tactics. You can look below to learn more about the expert approach.

Method 2: Automatic solution, which is by PST or PDF tool.

An efficient solution for converting Outlook PST files to PDF format is the Softaken PST to PDF Converter Software. It permits you to quickly convert your PST emails, attachments, and other records into PDF documents with person-pleasant capabilities and a simple UI. With this trustworthy and environmentally friendly equipment from Softaken, you can say goodbye to challenging PST to PDF conversions. To test the tool’s capabilities, download the free demo edition, which enables you to convert a few items from a PST file to PDF format. By easily converting PST to PDF format, it enables users to open PST files in that format.

Now the Steps of this Automatic Application Are:

First, you have to install the software on your system and run it successfully.

  • Download & Run Softaken Outlook PST to PDF Converter
  • Add PST Files


  • Preview Complete Outlook PST File


  • Click Export and Select PDF
  • Click on the output location to add the Resultant PDF Files


  • Click on the convert now button to convert PST to PDF File Format

This is Insufficient Because it Includes so Many Useful Features.

  • Simply follow these procedures to save Outlook emails as PDF files.
  • This effectively converts PST files from all versions of Outlook.
  • It allows PST files to be converted to HTML format.
  • Also possible without the Outlook program is an Outlook PDF converter.
  • As a result, it keeps the data structure intact when migrating.
  • All versions of Adobe Acrobat are supported.


I hope you read the blog in its entirety and that you were able to find your conversion-related answers and solutions. This technical article was written to reassure you about the most accurate way to convert PST files to PDF format. We decided to become technical bloggers because many users don’t know the actual conversion process; thus, we have a very strong motivation for producing this blog.

We briefly contrast the two approaches so that you may select the most appropriate approach. While you may test the demo edition of the professional solution to see what further programming tools are available, The customer service staff will also provide you with technical help around the clock. The crew will be available at all times to respond to any questions about the software. We have every confidence that you can now choose the best course of action.