Judgment Cometh by Scott Pratt is one of the Finest Creations in the Joe Dillard Series of Books

When you’re looking for a Scott Pratt written mystery novel or a suspense thriller that has all the elements of surprise, twist of tale, drama, climax, chills & thrills, it has to be a Joe Dillard or Darren Street series fiction book. And, it is ‘Judgment Cometh’ that clearly justifies all the above qualities of a fiction novel, as it is one of the bestselling crime thrillers, along with other co-authored books. In fact, this horrifying crime story creates shivers that run down the spine, when one is reading this fiction enactment, inspired by real-life incidents. It all begins with a Supreme Court justice found cut into pieces, and dumped in the back of a pick-up truck.


Here, Joe Dillard is hired to represent the driver of the pick-up van or truck who claims to be innocent, and pleads NOT guilty, which his lawyer is also of the same opinion. At the same time, three other judges have also gone missing in the same fashion, which is quite surprising, and might have some connection with this case. So, in order to get into the crux of the matter and find out the real culprit, Joe teams up with his friend, Sherif Leone Bates. They both try out to find the perpetrator of the crime, the person behind the kidnapping and killings of the justices in the state of Tennessee.


A Super Thrilling Fiction Book with a Goosebumps Generating Storyline

This one-of-a-kind crime and mystery thriller has topped the chart of New York Times best seller list in 2021 & 22, simply because of its exceptional weaving of the plot around the characters, incidents and overall story that gives shivers to all crime-fiction lovers. And, this Judgment Cometh book is truly a masterpiece, penned by this ever-popular US author who knows how to connect with his audiences and readers. With high-profile kidnappings, brutal killings and cold blooded murder of judges and attorneys, this bestselling fiction novel is a ‘must read’ story for all fiction lovers that love reading crime and suspense thrillers.


In this book, Joe Dillard and his friend Sherif Bates take on a dangerous path of finding the real murderer, as they both venture into the dark forest to find the evil villain, who is hiding from the law. Will they both manage to find the actual perpetrator, or fall prey to the murderer for whom killing and severing the body parts doesn’t matters at all. One has to purchase this book from Amazon store or eBay, and thereby get to unravel the real mystery behind the gruesome killings of the judges in the state of Tennessee.