The Realm of the Mad God Shatters dungeon has always been very popular with players. With completely reworked combat, mechanics, and what players will want to prepare for in this endgame encounter, the developers have worked hard to keep the spirit of the dungeon familiar, while still aggressively expanding its potential. The completely handcrafted dungeon structure is unique, and this extends beyond the gameplay to the supplementary qualities.

The dungeon is still divided into three acts, each with a boss, but these separate operations now have completely different objectives, structures, and enemies. The last part in particular was added, reworking all existing enemies and significantly increasing the number of unique enemies excluding cursed enemies.

The Cursed is the overarching mechanic throughout all three acts of the dungeon. Cursed enemies, marked by their twisted and purple appearance, are versions of normal creatures with increased damage, aggression, and sometimes unique tricks compared to normal creatures.

Most notably, cursed enemies turn into a corrupt tomb when killed, eventually reviving another day. Every enemy has a cursed variant, and the area is never really safe when they’re around.

Realm of the Mad God Act 1 Boss: The Great Bridge

With the fragments of the abandoned monument, the drawbridge was lowered. The Bridge Sentinel is the last bastion of the Castle Seal. Don’t let your memory of him fool you, he’s no longer an airbrushed statue. This is a full-fledged boss fight with perhaps the most agile opponents in the game.

As you duel the noble knight, you’ll periodically weaken him enough to destroy the holy paladin’s obelisk on the bridge. The effect of the void increases as you do so, changing the complementary threat you have to deal with from spinning swords to swarms of the infamous speckle bombs.

Learning the telegraph and attack combinations of mobile opponents is crucial. The most skilled heroes in the realm will find ingenious ways to alter each mode. Not even bait could withstand the force of his blade. To defeat powerful bosses, you must upgrade your weaponry with RotMG Items.

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