The exams like CLAT, LSAT and SLAT are the door that provides an opportunity to study the discipline of law. According to John F Kennedy law is the adhesive force in the cement of society, creating order out of chaos and coherence in the place of anarchy. Studying law helps in developing some specific skills in the person learning it; it is just not limited to practicing. The process of solving legal problems and learning law develops critical thinking, improves analytical thinking and increases the understanding of language with better interpretation. An individual learns to express with precision and also keep forward the points. It is also known for training students in the logic building, analogies, deductions and variations mapping.

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Today law is a discipline which is becoming a choice of a majority and the explanation is obvious. This choice is not limited to India but can be seen overseas also. Just not the choice of majority but also gives respectable position in society. It has proven to be the best training for becoming a foundation for many careers.

Why Law?

The study of law is not to just uphold justice, as it is not just limited to the counter rooms and cases but today society needs them in different fields to impact different aspects like from the protection of rights, international relations to corporate sectors.

Students of law develop the ability to argue from a very basic level of evidence and in a better way than others. This also helps in development of good communication skills, keen problem-solving abilities and independent thinking which are the key requirements of a variety of other career opportunities. As a result, law graduates are very adaptable in different situations or during various transitions.

What are CLAT and LSAT? And why are they important?

CLAT is an all India entrance exam conducted by the NLUs for admission to their undergraduate and post degree graduate programmes.

LSAT is an exam conducted by the Symbiosis International Universities for admission in five year integrated law courses that is B.A LLB Hons. Edufoster Institute is the best lsat coaching in kolkata which provides best facilities and services.

Why should you invest in LSAT/CLAT

  • In the long term, a very obvious career option is becoming a judge. In order to be qualified as a judge, one must clear the State Level Judiciary Exams. But the foundation is always the reason and here the foundation can be giving exams like CLAT/LSAT .This reason is not less to any other as we all realize the importance and impact a judge can have on the society and also the position it holds.
  • Almost all big companies have their own legal department indicating the increasing requirement of lawyers for handling the legal cases. CLAT Post Graduation ( CLAT PG) scores are also used by many Public sector undertakings of India for recruitment purposes. This eradicates all doubts with regards to the importance of such exams and their preparation.
  • The profession which has lived a thousand years and will continue to evolve is the teaching profession. Due to the increasing demand of law practitioners, the demand for law professors is also increasing. So, a degree from the above mentioned reputed colleges and a high score in those exams will mark a golden star in such a career.


Hence, these are the reasons why one needs to invest in law preparation. Hope you like reading this blog. For your SLAT, LSAT or CLAT exam preparation, enroll your name to the Edufoster Institute and be benefited with its facilities.


The exams like CLAT, LSAT and SLAT are the door that provides an opportunity to study the discipline of law.