Can you ever imagine a beauty and styling salon without a mirror? Definitely not. If you are a styling expert, then you will definitely know that a mirror for salon stations is of great importance. And most obviously, their primary function is to reflect customers’ image before and after acquiring a salon service.

But how do you know whether you choose the perfect mirror for your beauty salon? Installing the perfect mirror significantly affects how your customers acquire the provided services.

While it is crucial for salons to have stylish environments, important elements like mirrors must fit that style. So, if you’re gearing up to revamp your salon, you must pay extra attention to your salon mirrors.

Today, this article will give you informative insights into the types of mirrors you can install in your salon. Further, you will also come across a few tips on choosing the most appropriate mirror for your salon. Please stay tuned until the end to learn more about it.

Let’s delve in!

Styling Mirrors for Your Salon

When clients visit your salon, they’ll first look at themselves in the mirror. So, it’s immensely crucial to install large mirrors in your salon. Thus, it will let your clients see their reflections while sitting on the salon chairs. In other words, they’ll not require to stand or strain to look at themselves in the mirror.


Here in this section, we have classified Salon Styling Mirrors under two distinctive categories – shape and size.

What Shape Mirrors Do You Need to Install in Your Salon?

You should note that custom-cut mirrors are broadly available in different shapes to fit your salon needs. And even though a traditional rectangle shape is a trendy pick for your salon, it isn’t your only option.

So if you wish to install a customized mirror for your salon, you can consider these mirror shape ideas:


A vertical rectangle mirror is a classic style and is broadly found in most salons. This mirror option is ideal for a sleek salon with minimalist or clean interiors. Even if it doesn’t necessarily draw the eye of your customers, this shape won’t distract your salon’s decor.


A Circle shape mirror is fine as long as your clients and stylists can look at themselves in it. Please note that a circle mirror is stylish and adds visual interest to the walls of your salon.


A square-shaped mirror is nothing but a modified alternative to a rectangle. And this mirror shape can offer a larger reflective surface, thereby balancing the larger wall spaces.


Shapes like pentagons, octagons, etc., are very uncommon when it comes to salon mirrors. However, the unexpected design elements seamlessly combine form and function into one visually impressive piece.


You’ll know that the circle mirrors can enhance the curb appeal of your salon. But if you require a long mirror simultaneously, an oval-shaped mirror is your ideal choice.

What Size Mirrors Do You Need to Install in Your Salon?

The mirror installed in your salon must be large enough so your clients can promptly look at themselves. So before you can choose the appropriate size of mirror for your salon, consider the following things:

Available Space

The first thing that you must consider is the available space at your salon. Next, you need to check the number of chairs at your salon and the proximity in which they are placed.

Remember that while choosing the appropriate size of your salon mirror, you must ensure adequate spacing. This means the mirrors at your salon must not overlap or touch each other. And if they do, you will be required to choose smaller or slimmer options.

Full View

Believe it or not, your clients only get satisfaction when they can get a full view of their new look. But with half-view mirrors, your clients won’t know how their new look is going with the rest of their body. Thus, your potential customers will become dissatisfied and might probably not turn up at your salon any time soon.

Interior Design

Even though salon mirrors serve a functional purpose, custom-size mirrors can add to your salon’s decor. Custom salon mirrors add a remarkable proportion to your interior space. While a large space might look odd with significantly small mirrors, you must choose a larger size. So when you install the right size mirror for your salon, the curb appeal of your salon will automatically increase.

By now, you must know the various types of salon mirrors that you can consider installing in your salon. So now we will quickly look into the most commendable tips for choosing the best mirror for your beauty and salon business.

Tips to Choose the Most Appropriate Custom Mirror for Your Salon

In this section, we have enlisted some quick tips to help you choose the best mirror for your salon needs:

The first thing that you need to assess is your salon’s decorative style. So when you have a clear idea of your interiors, you can choose a mirror that best fits your salon needs.
As the mirror frame brings forth a difference in the mirror style, you must determine the frame style that works best with your salon.
Also, sufficient lighting around your salon mirrors is immensely crucial. This will help ensure that your potential customers have the best impression of your salon services.

To Conclude

Now that you know the types of salon mirrors, consider commencing your salon revamping project to give it a new look. Choose the pioneering salon furniture supplier as your one-stop destination for custom salon mirrors. They maintain an enormous range of mirrors with distinctive styles and designs that will make your salon stand out.

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