So you want to do an office make-good Sydney but you don’t know where to start. Well, we are going to give you tips so that you can get started on an office fit-out or an office refurbishment, and you can apply these same tips to a shop, store, home office, business office or any space where you are serving the public. Take your time in thinking about your space and what it needs, bearing in mind your staff and your customers, productivity and aesthetics. You need to find a good balance between productivity and aesthetics. Identify your needs and identify your budget. You can choose to work with a professional office fit-out company, always a good idea, or you can choose to work with individual suppliers, a bit harder to coordinate and not always cost-effective. Either way, follow these tips:-

Top tips for an effective office fit out

Go through the catalogues of office fit-out companies and get some ideas for furnishings, fittings, lighting, carpeting and/or flooring. Identify what you think could work for you and for the space you have, that will fit your needs. Make a checklist.

  1. How many tables and chairs do you need, and do the ones you have found fit your image?
  2. Would open plan work for you, or do you need cubicles or screens?
  3. What about cabinets and shelving, and what about storage space?
  4. Is there high traffic and would carpeting or flooring be more practical?
  5. Which is the best lighting to ensure productivity but also, a decent atmosphere?
  6. How can you make the space more welcoming, for staff and customers?
  7. Are the furnishings you are choosing durable as well as aesthetically pleasing?
  8. Does this all fit in with your budget?

You can do an office make-good Sydney through the professionals.