Purpose of the storage unit

A storage unit is a place where you can shift your belongings temporarily during shifting to somewhere else or during the renovation of your house or an office or the shifting of your business as well. Thus, the purpose of the storage unit is to keep your valuable things secure temporarily under our supervision.

We know that you will face difficulty while adjusting things during the shifting or during the renovation that’s why self-storage Wandsworth and self-storage Fulham provide you space for personal storage of things that are valuable to you.

We know how much concerned you are about your things because most of them are expensive and you want to secure them at any cost. For your convenience, we made a separate storage unit so that you don’t need to share your storage unit with others.

This will also make you feel convenient while putting your things in the storage unit when you are away. Moreover, we ensure you that your things will be secured under our supervision and we will keep you in touch until your things are placed in the storage unit provided by us.

Credible services

There are some services that you want to get but avoid because you don’t have enough trust in the company from where you are going to get the services. Getting a storage unit for the placement of belongings is your need because you don’t have enough space to put the things temporarily that’s why you acquired the space of storage unit for carefully placing the things.

But trusting someone to put the things in the place provided by a stranger is no doubt difficult but don’t worry some companies like self-storage Fulham and self-storage Wandsworth provide you credible services by ensuring you that your things are safe under the supervision of their workers moreover, they keep you updated from time to time until you recovered your things from the storage unit provided by them.

This boost up your courage to use the storage unit provided by them to fulfill your need. We are also famous among others because of this purpose that the services provided by us are highly credible and you can make sure of it by going through the reviews left by the customers who use our services before.

storage unit

Budget-friendly services

We know that shifting or renovating is a task that requires a hefty amount of money which disturbs your budget as well. But you still need to get the storage unit to place your valuables in it because you have no place to put them there that’s why getting the storage unit is your necessity.

Because of the high price you are avoiding and prefer to take help from your friends and other relatives. Because everyone has their set-up so most people refuse your request to place your things in their free space that’s why it is a must for you to get a storage unit.

For your convenience self-storage Wandsworth and self-storage Fulham by Storage Accord provide you storage space at a less affordable price, we can understand which kind of circumstances you are going through that’s why we are willing to provide you the storage space at an affordable price because we want to serve you without thinking about the rates.

The kind of storage units we provide

Self-storage Fulham and self-storage Wandsworth are specially designed to provide your personal storage space where you can put the things while moving your house from one place to another or while renovating your house.

But other than self-storage we also provide you the space for business storage which is also called commercial storage as well as furniture storage and student storage. Every storage has specific requirements which we fulfill for your convenience for commercial storage we provide a storage unit big enough as a warehouse for the storage of the stock.

For furniture storage we allowed you to use our storage unit to keep the furniture which you get at a reasonable price but you don’t have enough space to put it in your house so you can temporarily put it in our storage unit to use afterward. For student storage, we provide private student accommodation where they can put their belongings without worrying about anything.