The experimental results confirm that consumption of all types of MRET® activated water leads to the significant inhibition of tumor growth observed in mice with inoculated tumors. The best results were observed in the groups of mice on MRET® water activated for 30 minutes (optimal regime of activation). The substantial anti-tumor efficacy was confirmed by very high level of reduction of Total Number of Viable Tumor Cells which is comprised of two processes: diminishing volume of ascitic fluid in peritoneal cavity of tumor-bearing mice (by 50% for animals in ìpreventive treatmentî group) and decrease of the number of viable tumor cells per unit of tumor tissue (by 52% in the same group). The resulting decrease of the Total Number of Viable Tumor Cells was 76%. The viable tumor cells were determined by Trypan blue exclusion test: the uncolored cells were considered as viable. The test results show the dual mechanism of MRET® water effect on tumors: the prevention and reduction of volume of tumors together with the inhibition of viable tumor cells. What is MRET Activated Water

Approximately the same level of efficacy was observed in other groups (water activated for 15 and 45 minutes) with ìpreventive treatmentî regime of application of activated water. The application of MRET® water in ìtherapeutic treatmentî regime was less effective. The reduction of Total Number of Viable Tumor Cells by 55% was observed for the optimal 30 minutes activated water. It is important to note that the long-term preservation of activated water for 45 days decreased its anti-tumor efficacy but left it on the significantly high level compare to other fractions and non-activated water. Thus, this investigation confirms that MRET® activated water is efficient anti-tumor agent. The results of experimental measurements of Average Total Number of Viable Tumor Cells of ascitic Ehrlich carcinoma are presented on Fig 2.

The similar investigation conducted on mice with inoculated ascitic sarcoma revealed similar tendencies in the efficacy of MRET® water as anti-tumor agent with the best results on optimal 30 minutes activated water.

The effect of application of different fractions of MRET® activated water on the development of cytotoxic activity of mononuclear lymphocytes extracted from the spleen of mice (NK-cells) is shown on Fig 4. The increase of cytotoxic index in both regimes (21 days and 14 days of application of activated water for mice without tumors) by 26% and 10% respectively was observed only in the groups of mice on MRET® water activated for 30 minutes. The cytotoxic index also increased in the group of mice under ìoldî 30 minutes activated water in ìpreventiveî regime (21 days of MRET® water application). No significant changes in cytotoxic index were observed for other water fractions. MRET Activated Water in Malaysia

The comparative picture of tumor-bearing mice on Non-activated water and on MRET® activated water (optimal activation time 30 minutes) is presented on Fig 5.

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