Rhoxy Lezama a Trinidadian-American fashion designer from Brooklyn, New York who has been in the fashion industry for over 10 years. With a passion for creating unique and stylish clothing, Rhoxy has built a successful brand, “Rhoxy Lezama Clothing,” and has styled high profile clients throughout her career.
In addition to designing and styling, Rhoxy has also organized and thrown her own fashion shows, showcasing her own collections as well as those of other designers. Her latest endeavor, The Mosaic Fashion Show, is a multi-designer fashion show that aims to give new and up and coming fashion designers a platform to showcase their work.

With a strong desire to support and uplift the fashion community, Rhoxy is looking to turn The Mosaic Fashion Show into a reoccurring opportunity for new designers to gain exposure and build their brands. Her dedication to supporting and promoting the work of others is just one of the many reasons why Rhoxy has become such a respected and successful figure in the fashion industry.
With her talent and passion for fashion, it’s no surprise that Rhoxy has gained a loyal following of fans and clients. Whether she’s styling a celebrity or organizing a fashion show, Rhoxy’s dedication to her craft is always evident in her work. If you’re looking for a fashion designer who truly cares about the industry and the people in it, look no further than Rhoxy Lezama.