When it comes to iconic luxury boats, few can match the timeless elegance of the Riva Aquarama Special. This aquatic beauty isn’t just a boat; it’s a symbol of classic design, refined craftsmanship, and a lifestyle of opulence on the open water. Let’s dive into the world of the Riva Aquarama Special, exploring its price, history, features, and more.

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Setting Sail Through History

Picture yourself back in the 1960s, an era synonymous with glamour and style. The Riva Aquarama was born in this very period, making its debut in 1962. Created by the legendary Italian boatbuilder Carlo Riva, the Aquarama quickly became the darling of the rich and famous, including celebrities, aristocrats, and even royalty.

Riva Aquarama was among the 720 Riva brand copies that were made between 1962 to 1996. There are many variations of Riva, such as “super, special…” but Riva Aquarama Special has a special corner. Originally, only 277 Riva Aquarama specials were built in that period.

Basically, it was an improved version of Tritone by designers Carlo Riva and Georgio Barilani.

Features Of Riva Aquarama

So, what makes the Riva Aquarama Special so special? The Aquarama Special is an upgraded version of the original icon while adding a touch of modernity. Let’s take a look at some of its standout features:

Exquisite Craftsmanship:

These boats were handcrafted with the utmost attention to detail. The hulls were made from African mahogany with maple inlays, and the finish was nothing short of flawless.

Power and Speed:

Aquarama Specials were fitted with powerful V8 or Chris Craft engines, allowing them to reach speeds of up to 350 hp and 75 km/h or 50 knots speed.

Sumptuous Interiors:

The interiors were just as impressive as the exteriors. Plush leather seats, polished wood, and gleaming chrome fixtures.

Iconic Design:

The Riva Aquarama Special is renowned for its iconic design elements, including the distinctive curved windscreen, the elegant wraparound rear bench, and the gleaming Riva badges. It is also known as the Rolls Royce or Ferrari of the sea”. In the mid-’60s, Riva Aquarama was priced at the same cost as the most expensive car at that time — the Rolls-Royce Silver Cloud.

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Riva Aquarama Special Price Tag and Rarity

Back in the day, this exquisite vessel commanded a premium price that only high-networth people could afford. Fast forward to today, and the Aquarama Special has become even rarer and more sought after. Vintage models, meticulously restored to their former glory, can fetch astronomical prices at auctions and among collectors.

As of sources, the price of Riva Aquarama could cost you anywhere from $700,000 to well over a million dollars, depending on their condition, year of manufacture, and any customizations.

Some Famous Owners/Ex-Owners of Riva Aquarama

  • Alberto Galassi (CEO of Ferretti Group)
  • Sophia Loren (Italian actress)
  • Rex Harrison (English actor)
  • Hussein of Jordan (Former King of Jordan)
  • Brigitte Bardot (French model and activist)
  • Gunther Sachs (German photographer)

In The End

The Riva Aquarama Special isn’t just a boat; it’s a legacy. Its history is rich; its features are timeless. The Riva Aquarama Special might just be the boat of your dreams—provided, of course, you are ready to embrace its luxurious price tag.

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