Becoming familiar with RPL ACS skill assessment requirements is a must for you if you have chosen the RPL pathway for an assessment.  

One of the major RPL ACS skill assessment requirements is that you need to write two project reports. One of them must have been of the previous three years of the form you presented, and the other one must have been of the last five years. Let’s know helpful tips to write successful project reports. 

Tips to write ACS RPL project reports: 

  1. Choosing your project wisely is a must-do for you. Therefore, choose one allowing you to show your knowledge and skills as given in any of the ANZSCO codes that you have chosen to apply for. 
  2. Clearly mention project details; the name of the project, the affiliated company and the role you had in each of the tasks of the report. 
  3. Describe your roles and responsibilities carefully for each project. Give an impressive description of how your ideas led to the desired result in the design and development of each project, showing your plus points more. 
  4. Explain the methods that were used in the System Analysis and Design of each project development. 
  5. Mention the programming languages that were used in the project to demonstrate your programming skills. 
  6. Don’t forget to include all the database management techniques that were used in the project to demonstrate your DBMS skills. 
  7. Include project management and quality techniques that were followed in the project development, highlighting your managerial skills. Clearly explain the security mechanisms that were used in the project. 
  8. Impressively describe the ICT managerial activities. In addition, you must show the extent and nature of your competencies and responsibilities. 

Required documents: 

Submitting the following documents is one of the major RPL ACS skill assessment requirements: 

  • Birth Certificate/Passport: 

A passport with an applicant detail page is a must-have. It includes the applicant’s address and photo. 

  • Academic Degree/Certificate: 

The applicant must submit academic transcripts. Tertiary education means any degree earned after the 12th grade. The transcripts must be with the following information: 

Degree/Award Caption

Degree Completion date 

Name of the university 

  • Mark sheets: 

Mark sheets must be with subject names and grades attained. 

  • Employment Reference Letter: 

The Australian Computer Society needs a work experience letter from the applicant’s most recent job. It must include the duties and responsibilities fulfilled during their employment. The job start and end dates must be mentioned clearly.  

Salary payment evidence with an authorized signature must be included. If mentioning only the month in your application, the authority will calculate your work experience on the basis of the last day of the month. 


A CV is considered optional, despite the fact that the guidelines need it to be submitted for an ACS skill assessment. The IELTS test result is not necessary when filling out your ACS form. 

If you need more information regarding the RPL ACS skill assessment requirements, contact us freely.