Those days are truly gone when having a mere four-wheeler mattered to people. Factors like fuel efficiency, engine performance, exterior, interior and safety weren’t as significant. People used to be content with the thought that they had a car!

But over the years, as consumers, we’ve significantly evolved. We have emerged from the basics. Thus, only owning a four-wheeler vehicle isn’t good enough anymore. You should have a performant, visually appealing and, most importantly, safe vehicle.

Renault Triber had been on my list of prospective MPVs for a long time. Due to something or the other, I couldn’t find the time to explore it. But one Sunday morning, I eventually did it. I downloaded its brochure and checked everything from Renault Triber’s exteriors and interiors to its engine and safety rating.

I went to and took Renault Triber’s virtual tour. In one word, it was stunning! Triber came in as a thoughtfully designed MPV with classy exteriors and elite interiors.

Spacious, ergonomic seats, with enough leg and head space, an intelligent electronic steering wheel, and a wide LED screen with a digital display were some features that instantly caught my attention. I had a positive vibe overall after taking the vehicle’s virtual tour.

Impressed with all I saw; I booked a Renault Triber test drive!

But one thing that I was yet to explore, and which was more crucial for me than everything else was the Renault Triber safety rating. This lone factor could have proved decisive enough to make or break my decision. But Renault Triber did not disappoint me!

According to Global NCAP, Renault Triber has four-star adult and three-star child safety ratings. Besides, it has four airbags, ABS & EBD, reverse parking sensors, 3-point seat belts with reminder alarms and a line-up of other safety features to make your drives worry-free.

Speaking of the test drive, it went exceptionally well. Renault Triber delivered a truly brilliant driving experience. I felt sure about making a sensible and informed choice. And I made one! Today, I am a proud Renault Triber owner.

We’ve been on several road trips in our Renault Triber. All our journeys have been seamless and safe!

Choose Renault Triber, India’s safest 7-seater, if you’re looking to buy a reliable MPV. Find a dealer online, register your interest and book your Renault.