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Overview of the sales tax rates for different states.

State General State Sales Tax Max Tax Rate with Local/City Sale Tax
Alabama 4% 13.50%
Alaska 0% 7%
Arizona 5.60% 10.73%
Arkansas 6.50% 11.63%
California 7.25% 10.50%
Colorado 2.90% 10%
Connecticut 6.35% 6.35%
Delaware 0% 0%
District of Columbia 6% 6%
Florida 6% 7.50%
Georgia 4% 8%
Guam 4% 4%
Hawaii 4.17% 4.71%
Idaho 6% 8.50%
Illinois 6.25% 10.25%
Indiana 7% 7%
Iowa 6% 7%
Kansas 6.50% 11.50%
Kentucky 6% 6%
Louisiana 4.45% 11.45%
Maine 5.50% 5.50%
Maryland 6% 6%
Massachusetts 6.25% 6.25%
Michigan 6% 6%
Minnesota 6.88% 7.88%
Mississippi 7% 7.25%
Missouri 4.23% 10.85%
Montana 0% 0%
Nebraska 5.50% 7.50%
Nevada 6.85% 8.25%
New Hampshire 0% 0%
New Jersey 6.63% 12.63%
New Mexico 5.13% 8.69%
New York 4% 8.88%
North Carolina 4.75% 7.50%
North Dakota 5% 8%
Ohio 5.75% 8%
Oklahoma 4.50% 11%
Oregon 0% 0%
Pennsylvania 6% 8%
Puerto Rico 10.50% 11.50%
Rhode Island 7% 7%
South Carolina 6% 9%
South Dakota 4% 6%
Tennessee 7% 9.75%
Texas 6.25% 8.25%
Utah 5.95% 8.35%
Vermont 6% 7%
Virginia 5.30% 6%
Washington 6.50% 10.40%
West Virginia 6% 7%
Wisconsin 5% 6.75%


Goods and Services Tax (GST)

GST is similar to VAT. This is a type of indirect consumption tax levied on some commodities and services at various points along the value chain. The words “gst” and “vat” cannot properly define taxations in multiple countries due to their difference and scope. Countries like Spain, Greece, India, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and some others call this “sales tax or GST”.

Value-Added Tax (VAT)

VAT, which is the version of sales tax commonly used in most of the non-U.S. countries (more than sixty). VAT is a type of indirect tax that is levied at every step during the manufacture of goods or services where value addition takes place. Likewise, countries with the system of VAT can apply it not only domestically, but also for foreign trade as well. The U.K. value added tax (VAT) is usually paid by all those who are associated with the supply chain, such as wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, and retailers, unlike the U.S. sales tax that requires payment only from final consumers. Sales minus tax paid on material or component.