Another remarkable milestone for Danieli Group, a well-known global industrial machinery manufacturer with a century-long legacy of excellence in the metal industry. The Mexican steel firm TYASA has enlisted the specialized knowledge of the Group to set up a 350,000 tons-per-year (tpy) SBQ Rolling Mill. This plant will find its home in Ixtaczoquitlán, Veracruz state, Mexico, situated adjacent to an existing production facility responsible for delivering around 1.5 million tons annually of long and flat metal products.

Danieli Group, a global manufacturer of industrial machinery

The future of steel: Danieli Group and TYASA

Danieli Group will supply TYASA with a new SBQ Rolling Mill, complete with a reheating furnace, a hot-rolling mill, inspection and conditioning lines, peeling lines, and a water treatment plant. This rolling mill will process 140-mm square billets and 180- and 310-mm round blooms, which are produced at the same site, and transform them into finished products. TYASA has entered into an agreement with Danieli Group for the provision of this 350,000 tons-per-year mill, which will be installed in Ixtaczoquitlán, Veracruz state, Mexico, at a facility where approximately 1.5 million tons per year of long and flat products are currently manufactured. The rolling mill, powered by a 70-tph walking-beam reheating furnace, comprises a shiftable-reversible breakdown stand, 12 continuous housing-less stands, and a four-pass, four-roll sizing mill known as “The Drawer”, ensuring precise tolerances up to 1/8 DIN for various shapes like rounds, squares, and flats. The mill is equipped with features to support the in-line Low-Temperature Rolling (LTR) process and includes a rake-type cooling bed with provisions for pack-annealing. Heat-retaining hoods are available as needed based on process requirements, along with fully independent finishing facilities. The final products from the mill will encompass rounds ranging from 13 to 105 mm in diameter, flats spanning from 63 to 102 mm, and rebars ranging from 9.5 to 38 mm. These products will be bundled with final lengths varying from 4-6 to 12 m, catering to applications in automotive, construction, engineering, and energy sectors. The new plant is anticipated to commence operations by mid-2025 and will be operated with Danieli Group’s Automation process control, instrumentation, and power systems. The technological package chosen by TYASA also includes on-site training and advisory services.

The art of steel: Danieli Group’s Special Bar Quality Rolling Mills (SBQ)

With a century of expertise in the metals sector, Danieli Group stands as a global industrial machinery manufacturer, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and initiation of plants dedicated to steel production, encompassing both ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Through unwavering commitment to research and development, Danieli Group has achieved remarkable milestones and groundbreaking technological advancements, offering comprehensive support across the entire production process, commencing with raw material treatment and culminating in product finishing. Notably, the company excels in Special Bar Quality Rolling Mills (SBQ), distinguished for their capability to process over 100 products and diverse steel grades within a single rolling mill. This feat is made possible through the utilization of “The Drawer”, a state-of-the-art 4-rolls block technology. This advancement results in the production of rounds adhering to stringent size tolerances, as stringent as 1/8 EN 10060:2003, significantly enhancing mill efficiency and material yield. Further in-line enhancements to ensure top-notch products include the incorporation of an ONA (On-line Annealing) chamber for the in-line hardening and tempering of bars, in-line non-destructive testing (NDT), bar labeling, and finalization executed through Winstack non-magnetic lance stackers. The rapid adaptation to production demands, along with improved automation, forms an integral part of the process. This is coupled with the integration of computer-aided simulation for metallurgical processes, known as DLPP (Danieli Long Product Predictor), and precise control of water treatment, realized via DSC (Danieli Structure Control).