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A Seed Drill is a farm implement that is used for planting seeds. It consists of a hopper for holding the seeds, a mechanism for metering the seeds, and a set of spikes that put the seed into the soil and deposit the seeds at enough depth and maintained spacing to seeding.

Some benefits of using agricultural seed drill include:

Improved seed placement – Seed drills can plant seeds at a decent depth and distance, which can improve seed germination and make safe by birds or other insects.

Reduced seed waste – Seed drills help to minimize seed waste by planting seeds at a consistent depth and space which help to reduce the waste of seeds and cost effectiveness.

Low costing and labor – Seed drills can save time and labor compared to planting seeds by hand. This is especially beneficial for large fields or for farmers who have a lot of land to farming.

Seed drills can help to reduce soil erosion. This can also help to preserve the structure and fertility of the soil and improve the crop yielding. furrows exposing could be maintain at any time while seeding according to need.

The Seed Drill Machine price in India from INR 9.36 lakhs to INR 11.14 lakhs. The price could be changed by Brand and model.