Flowers are the perfect thing to offer when our close ones are going through a difficult time. Whether someone is suffering from an illness, just lost their job, or had to say goodbye forever to a loving member of their family, our care and good wishes certainly make a difference. Flowers, moreover, have a soul of their own. They spread happiness and positivity even in the most mundane environment.

This is why, offering sympathy flowers to show your care, condolence, or support is a tradition that is followed through ages. Here in this article, we have discussed some of the most popular and suitable sympathy flowers, their meanings, and when it is right to offer them.


Lilies are used in various sympathy flower arrangements. Lilies represent spirituality and new beginnings. This makes them apt as funeral flowers as well. Lilies are used on floral wreaths, caskets, standing flower arrangements, and floral crosses. Need casket sprays delivery in Baltimore MD? Order online from The Flower Cart now!


White and pink carnations are highly popular flowers used for sympathy flower bouquets. Carnations are related with peace, calm, and divinity. They also symbolize innocence and purity. A basket made fully of carnations will be an appropriate offering for a funeral. Carnations are also used for standing sprays and wreaths. A bouquet of white carnations can also be offered to a person suffering from an illness, as a means of saying ‘Get well soon’.


Chrysanthemums are deeply related with spirituality and death. Chrysanthemums are a common funeral flower in Japan, Korea, and other Asian cultures. In western countries too, they are often used for funeral flower arrangements and sympathy flower bouquets. is one of the most popular Baltimore MD flower stores online that offers a wide range of funeral and sympathy flowers. If chrysanthemum is your preference, you’ll get dozens of beautiful flower arrangements containing chrysanthemum here. 


Another highly popular sympathy flower is hydrangea. Both white and blue hydrangeas are similarly popular in case of sympathy and funeral flower arrangements. Not just flowers, but a potted plant of hydrangea is also a great gift for occasions when you want to show your sympathy, care, and support. 


As beautiful as the name is, this flower is often used as a parting gift. The blue color of this flower makes it perfect for its symbolism, remembrance, desire, love, and striving for your love. Losing one of your loved ones is hard. Honoring their memory with a bunch of forget-me-not flowers is a tradition that still continues.


Gardenia flowers represent purity, truth, honesty, and love. Gardenia flowers are often included in funeral flowers. The pristine white petals of Gardenia flowers represent the purity of the soul. A bunch of gardenia, along with other flowers also make a great sympathy bouquet that you can offer to your friends or family. 


Gladiolus is a special flower that makes any flower arrangement beautiful by enhancing their appeal. Gladiolus or sword flowers represent honor, respect, and heroism. This flower is often added to casket sprays, floral centerpieces, or wall arrangements for funerals.

These sympathy flowers are some of the most popular and beautiful ones that you can get for your loved ones. With their stunning beauty and rich symbolisms, they are sure to provide comfort and confidence to your loved ones in their difficult times. The Flower Cart is one of the best Baltimore MD flower stores online that offers a huge variety of sympathy flower arrangements. Order online and get all of them delivered to your desired address, be it a hospital, a funeral center, or your residence.