As the name suggests, serious bodily injuries aren’t something you should take lightly. Individuals who sustain these injuries in an accident or other unfortunate event may be required to undergo severe health and lifestyle changes and typically require long-term medical assistance. The nature of this injury also makes them eligible for certain compensation.

Working with professional personal injury lawyers who specialize in serious bodily injury cases can help you get the financial coverage you need to cover the costs of the harm caused. Let’s take a closer look at what serious bodily injuries entail.

Standard Bodily Injury vs Serious Bodily Injury

When you’re discussing the legal aspect of a serious bodily injury, it’s imperative to understand exactly what this term means, and how the definition differs from that of a regular bodily injury.

Bodily injury, on its own, refers to the pain or physical damage inflicted on the body. It’s a form of physical injury that may be something as small as a bruise or as severe as a burn. Does the latter qualify as a serious bodily injury? Yes, depending on the specifics of the injury.

Legally, the definition of a serious bodily injury can vary from state to state. In general, it is defined as a physical injury in which severe pain or damage is inflicted upon the body, putting them at a significant risk of physical loss or impairment, disfigurement, or death. For instance, a first degree burn isn’t usually classified as a serious bodily injury, but a third degree burn that threatens the victim’s life is.

In other words, a serious bodily injury is one that has more severe symptoms and consequences than a typical physical injury. It may have long-lasting effects, take a longer time to partially or fully heal, and may cause permanent harm to the body.

In most cases, serious bodily injuries require continued medical assistance. Individuals who sustain these injuries often require lifelong treatment and care. Their condition may also worsen over time or lead to additional medical complications, leading to higher medical bills. They may also cause the affected individual to lose their source of income or earning capacity.

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Examples of Serious Bodily Injuries

One of the most common forms of serious bodily injuries is a traumatic brain injury. In a traumatic brain injury, different components of the brain may be disturbed, including the nerves. This causes changes in brain function, affecting the person’s ability to think, feel, act, and move. Traumatic brain injuries can also alter the body’s internal functioning, such as blood pressure and bladder control.

While some changes are temporary, many individuals who sustain traumatic brain injuries experience some form or permanent changes. Moreover, they also encounter significant challenges in performing daily tasks and may require extensive lifestyle adjustments.

Another common example is of a spinal injury. A spinal cord injury can manifest in different forms and the symptoms may vary over time. In addition to severe back pain, individuals may also experience a loss of mobility, impaired motor and/or verbal skills, or other complications. Spinal cord injuries can also lead to a disability and result in major health and lifestyle changes.

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How Can a Personal Injury Lawyer Help?

Coping with a serious bodily injury is incredibly stressful. Not only does it lead to physical changes that need to be treated, but it also results in emotional anguish. Moreover, the severe nature of the injury usually involves extensive or long-term treatment, adding to the patient’s financial stress.

A personal injury lawyer can help you keep a track of the encounter (e.g., the car accident that caused the injury) and the damages caused (e.g., the medical bills and other expenses). They can help work out a reasonable settlement so you get the compensation you need for your serious bodily injury. They also help track and record evidence, such as photographs and eyewitnesses, to strengthen your case.

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Contact Professional Personal Injury Lawyers In Denver for Your Case

If you or a loved one has sustained a serious bodily injury, make sure you hire professional personal injury lawyers to get the best possible settlement. Catastrophic injuries causing serious bodily harm usually require long-term care. It’s imperative to work with an attorney who understands the nature of such injuries and has experience in acquiring winning settlements for their clients.

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