More people want to remain anonymous on the world wide web. That tendency caused the governmental actions to deanonymize the internet to know what, where, and when something is posted. While some authoritative countries limit the internet and oblige their citizens to confirm each session using an identification card number, others open the doors to everybody without asking for documents. Crypto is welcome.

What Can You Pay For in Crypto?

If the company accepts crypto, you can buy everything you want from its assortment. The hosting providers aren’t an exemption. If you’re interested in the VPS, pay with crypto. Many companies use classic coins like Bitcoin. Their billing departments monitor the creation of new cryptocurrencies and add them to their on-demand list.

Why Pay for Servers in Crypto?

  • Private transaction. The cryptocurrencies are under the bank or governmental control. These agencies appeal that digital money helps to hide income or crimes, but not only as you see.
  • Acceleration of payment. The international bank transfer takes hours to days because of several brokers on the way. Digital currencies lack them due to their peer-to-peer nature.
  • Reducing the commission. This advantage results from the previous one. As there are no brokers, the total commission reduces.
  • The instant access to funds. Elegance and transaction efficiency attracts new customers in this sphere. Banks may disappear, but the crypto will remain forever.

How to Pay for the Server?

Suppose you want to buy a bitcoin dedicated server. We also consider you have found the provider already, determined the desirable tariff, and configured the server. So, we’ll stop on the further steps.

Fill in the fields in the form with the desired root password, server management address, and personal data. You can remain anonymous and fill in the name and last name fields how you want. Please provide us with a valid contact email to be in touch, considering the maintenance or urgent news. We’ll never disturb you by sending spam or asking you to send your passport or personal tax number.

Then choose the preferable crypto payment method. You’ll see Litecoin, Dogecoin, and Bitcoin in the list. If you exploit one of these currencies, choose it and fill in the required fields. Confirm the payment following the instructions on the screen.

If you want to send money in the altcoin, you choose Bitcoin. Write the comment that you want to pay the sum in a different currency. We’ll send you an invoice in that currency. Pay it after receiving the calculation.

Our on-demand list currently consists of 70+ cryptocurrencies. Thank you to our customers who acquaints us with the new digital money. Feel free to do it forever.

After the crypto appears on our account, you get access to all benefits. These are the same as the regular users with bank cards have. Set up your server and launch the website.