If you are looking for Yoga classes in India, then you must have heard about the name of Shyambhai yoga . They are an online yoga classes that has been teaching yoga to millions of people around the world. Yoga is a great way to shape your body and mind. It improves your flexibility and helps you in getting rid of stress.

Shyambhai yoga started with three people who were sharing their love for yoga with each other. The idea behind this was that there should be more people who can share their experiences with each other so that they can learn from each other even if they cannot be physically present at the same time. The site quickly became popular among yogis all over the world because it provided them with a platform where they could interact with each other and share their knowledge with others.

The website provides free video courses which cover various aspects of yoga such as meditation, relaxation techniques, breathing exercises and many more things related to yoga. They also provide free audio courses which talk about how to practice correctly and get better results from your yoga practice!