When most people consider 24-hour available emergency service providers, they’ll mention police, hospitals, emergency medical technicians, and firefighters. They hardly think of locksmiths. But, locksmiths must be included in that list. Locksmiths are on-call 24 hours, seven days a week, including weekends and holidays.

Locksmiths are constantly responding to emergency situations. You may be asking: what are those emergencies? Here are the most common:

  • Misplaced Keys: over 20 million Americans lose their house and car keys annually (that’s over 300,000 a day). And, mostly, such happens at the worst moments – when their partners and grown children are out-of-town and cannot assist with a spare key, when they are running late, when their small children are fussy or sick, when it’s late at night, when they’ve returned from vacation… If you can imagine the worst scenario, that’s when people lose their keys.
  • Vehicle Key Emergency: this usually happens when 1) you misplaced your vehicle’s keys (see above). This emergency means you’re locked out of your car. And, this of course, doesn’t conveniently happen when you’re home, either. It usually happens when you’re out on an errand, after you’ve drove somewhere unfamiliar, or after you’ve just brought your packages or groceries to your vehicle.

A vehicle key emergency also happens when 2) your transponder, key fob, or smart key malfunctions. You possess the key, only it no longer works. Like with a lost key, naturally, this happens during the worst moments – in the middle of the night, when you’re late, after you’ve shopped for groceries, etc. There’s also a third situation, which we’ll mention next.

  • Your Key Breaks in the Lock: the bow (top of the key) breaks off from the blade (extended piece) after you inserted it into the lock’s cylinder. In other words, you’re holding the bow and the blade is now stuck in the cylinder. You can no longer open the door, open the lock, or turn the car’s ignition. And, any attempt to remove the blade might damage the lock or ignition. And, once again, this always happens at the most inconvenient and worst moments.
  • Damaged/Malfunctioning Locks: your key fits into the door, but won’t turn or perhaps it jams. Or, you’re entering the lock’s access code correctly, but the door’s not opening or you’re getting an error code. And, for sure, it’s freezing outside and there’s an emergency at home at or the office to which you must immediately attend.
  • An Apparent Break-In: you arrive home or go to your business or office and find evidence of a robbery – the front or back door is open or there are other signs of forced entry (lock damage, broken windows, video surveillance), valuables are missing, place is in shambles, etc.

For each of these situations, your 24-hour, always available, experienced, trained, licensed locksmith, who is always available, whether it’s the weekend or a holiday , is the person you first call (exception: when you have an apparent break-in: always contact the police first whenever you suspect criminal activity).

ACR Master Locksmith (ACR)

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