A software escrow agreement company is a third-party organization that acts as an intermediary between software developers and their clients. The primary role of a software escrow agreement company is to store the source code and other essential materials of a software application in a secure location, and make it accessible to the client under certain conditions.

The purpose of a software escrow agreement is to protect the interests of both the software developer and the client. In case of any unforeseen circumstances, such as bankruptcy of the software developer, the client can still access the source code and other necessary materials needed to maintain and update the software application.

There are several software escrow agreement companies in the market, such as EscrowTech, Iron Mountain, and NCC Group. These companies provide secure storage, verification, and release of source code and other software-related materials to their clients. They also offer various services related to software escrow, such as agreement drafting, verification of the deposited materials, and periodic updates of the deposited materials.

When choosing a software escrow agreement company, it is essential to consider their reputation, security measures, and experience in handling software escrow agreements. It is also crucial to ensure that the terms of the escrow agreement are fair and beneficial to both parties.