1. Uncertainty

Children frequently tell stories in many scenarios in order to avoid penalization. Children should feel safe to be open and honest, and if they feel this way, it is important to this about the root of the problem. This occurs when:

  • Children are scared.
  • They are seeking for attention of an adult.
  • To avoid a consequence.

This is demonstrated by the fact that a youngster will attempt to conceal a wrongdoing, and speaks about it in order to avoid getting into trouble. This is natural human response could be addressed and help a child feel safe. You might attempt the following strategies given by the www.thewonererseducation.com  to prevent youngsters from lying in front of you:

  • Inform them gently of the situation or occurrence.
  • Design a chart that can help with their emotions.
  • Instill the importance of being responsible and independent at home.
  1. Defiance

Defiance is something families may be very familiar with. Children often test boundaries by testing limit or expectations from parents.

Children must work with the adults to come up with an expectation that is feesable for the child to do independently. When a child is spoken to, or told what to do, they naturally will attempt to test limits.  Punitive measures often have an opposite effect on children. However, coming up with rules and routines that are predictable, and discussing what is going on with your child would help give them some ownership. This is the solution which is taught in our early childhood education courses.

  1. Kindness

Kindness and empathy are two important things that are learned behaviors at a young age. Working on this with your child can help give them confidence and independence. The wonderers helps children and families

  • Speak in a respectful tone to friends and family.
  • Help one another, even if they are not part of the issue.
  • Being kind and inclusive to others.

Working with your child 1-1, having them do small groups, or tutoring them in New York city are ways to help enforce kindness. The wonderers have a multitude of activities to practice these skills at home and beyond!