People from all around the world suffer from infertility, and this has to be understood from the very outset. Thus there is nothing to be ashamed of about this disease. Countless people have it, and there are numerous factors leading to it. You are not alone if you have this problem. It is understandable that not being capable of giving birth to a child naturally leads to frustration. After all, children add so much meaning to our monotonous life. That is why it is important to opt for the best infertility treatment in Delhi to avoid any potential complications. 

In modern medicine, there are numerous ways to help you navigate this crisis. If you are looking for solutions to your infertility problems, then you are in the right place. This article will go on to explore the various options that people might have to resolve infertility. There are numerous solutions provided here, starting from the best yoga poses for fertility and many other such relevant aspects. So if it intrigues you then go on to read this with due sincerity. 

Intrauterine insemination

This is one of the best options to consider if you want to get a cure for infertility. Through this process, the semen is injected into the female artificially. This helps in the development of the embryo further on from that step. Countless males suffer from motility in their sperms. Hence this technique is very helpful, especially for them, because it offers a kind of subtle framework to resolve motility issues. The sperm is directly taken on site, and thus the overall movement facets are easily eliminated in this case.


As a process, this is one of the best infertility treatment in Delhi to reckon with. Not only do males suffer from motility problems in their sperm, but they also suffer from low sperm count as well. Hence countering this problem is very important and has to be done at the right time at large. In this procedure, we find that a healthy sperm is chosen, and then it is directly injected into the concerned egg to be fertilized. The success rate of this process is high, and so many people tend to prefer this option as a solution to infertility.

Surgery for blocked fallopian tubes

When the fallopian tubes are blocked, it leads to several problems and eventually leads to infertility. That is never desirable at all, and hence one should opt for surgical intervention in this case. It will offer a proper framework to address this issue on time, and thus the infertility problem will be addressed. What will happen as a result is that the chances of having a healthy baby will be increased many times. After all, that is the goal here, right?

Sperm donations

If nothing works to address male infertility, then one might consider a sperm donation procedure. This is now widely accepted around the world to give birth to a healthy baby. All you have to do is choose the right donor and then opt for it.


By far, the best option to address infertility is through the IVF process. Hundreds of thousands of couples indulge in this process every year, and this is simply because of the numerous benefits they get in this case. For example, there is autonomy here in the timeline to reckon with. The cost of IVF is very much affordable, and thus many couples can go on to opt for it. There is a significantly lower chance of miscarriage happening in this case. Thus this prospect goes a long way to convince prospective parents to address infertility in this manner. 

Addressing infertility with yoga

One must be aware of the best yoga poses for fertility to address infertility with due precision. Yoga is something that is inherently connected to our medical history to reckon with. Our heritage is made of this aspect. What yoga mainly contributes towards is reducing stress in the long run. Since stress is one of the most seminal problems leading to infertility, yoga helps couples a lot. So let us explore some of the poses that you can consider:

  1. Bee Breath- This position will be best for you from a psychological domain because it can readily contribute to reducing stress. Eventually, it will lead to the boosting of your fertility in the long run.
  2. Seated forward fold- This position is meant for your uterus to gain vitality. Since the uterus contributes immensely to your entire reproductive apparatus, you should give immense importance in this case.
  3. Reclining bound angle- This position can help your muscles to relax, and therefore, it will let go of existing tensions present there. It will contribute to enhancing your fertility.
  4. Legs up the wall- This position should be preferred after intercourse. It will go a long way to increase your overall chances of conception. Thus a baby will become a reality. 
  5. Cobra pose- This position helps to increase the blood flow to all the different places of your body needed to boost fertility.


Thus there are numerous ways to address infertility in the long run. We explored the best of those here. Now you must choose accordingly from these.