Sorare is a dream come true for many Football lovers worldwide. This is a great chance to be a manager and build a dream team that can win matches. This is the best fantasy football to ever exist, according to many football fans. Everyone is queuing up to learn more about this game and waiting to try their hand at it.

As the game involves money, it makes sense that people are cautious and want to learn before entering the field. Looking before leaping, to be specific! To play Sorare and see success, it is necessary to learn how to build a winning team, create a successful team philosophy, understand the Sorare scoring matrix and make good use of strategies.

Covering The Basics

Starting or onboarding on Sorare, so to speak, is very easy. Before you Sign Up, you might want to look for Referral Links. Many Sorare players give referral links along with tutorials on YouTube. These referrals can be highly useful when you’re just starting your game. Before you sign up, click on a referral link and sign up through the link. We’ll explain the benefit of this in a bit!

Once you sign up on Sorare, you will be asked to pick 3 of your favourite teams from a list provided. You should choose the teams and then move on to the next step, picking 5 Common Cards. Most people pick their favorite players in these 5 Common Cards; else, it is up to you!

You should avoid this rookie mistake and choose another strategy for picking players. Instead of looking for your favourites, choose 5 players according to their average score from five of their previous games. Make sure to pick one of each – goalkeeper, defender, midfielder, and forward. This is sure to give you a good start in the game!

Keep in mind that you’re building a winning team with these five cards. You may not play with them in the long run, but they’re your winning team until you understand the game.

Onboarding Process

The onboarding process in Sorare is fairly long but extremely useful. It will teach you how to play and strategize. You can also win rewards along the way. The onboarding process in Sorare will give you a few tasks to get started. These tasks can be varied but will include some basic rules. The tasks may involve buying a player, joining a tournament, etc. Furthermore, you can play for free in the rookie league for 8 Game Weeks (2 months). Use this time wisely, as you can learn a lot about the game and the strategies in this duration. It is a great way to get some practice without spending any money. You’re simply learning for cheap.

Promoted To Tier -1

At the completion of the 8 weeks, you will no longer be able to play in this league. At this point, you can move up a tier. The card scarcities you can play with in tier 1 games will differ. You will have to meet these requirements to play after this. You might even have to buy a new card or more if you want to participate in further tournaments.

Now that we have covered all the basics, it’s time to learn how to build a winning team. So let’s go take a look at how you can build a winning team in Sorare and win amazing rewards.

The Best Strategies To Build a Winning Team

Build a team that covers all the basics for the best chances of scoring high. Be sure to buy a Goalkeeper, a midfielder, a defender, and a forward. This cover four of 5 cards. As such, choose the next one carefully. A good strategy that other managers overlook, and from which you can benefit, is to have backup goalkeepers. They will be handy in many a game. 

When you choose your players, check out their average scores for the past five games they’ve played. In this list, you’ll also be able to see the bonus multiplier they’ll get for their next game. Assess the list thoroughly and buy the best players for your upcoming games. If the player has been benched in the last five games, it will show up as a DNP Notice.

Similarly, if they have no games in the upcoming Game week, this will show up as an NG Notice. Consequently, if you select these players, they will bring the squad and your team 0 points, to begin with. You play with 4 players and 1 extra. It is a common misconception that this is a substitute position, but that’s far from the truth. It is an additional spot you can fill with a defender, forward, or midfielder. Consider your team philosophy as you pick a player for this role. Remember to pick a player to bring you more points and improve your score.

Moreover, the tournaments in which you can choose a captain for the team will bring you an added 20% bonus on any points he earns. So join those tournaments for additional points.

Bottom Line

To begin with, Sorare is not as difficult as it may seem. Once you learn the most basic rules and understand how the game works, you’ll become a pro in no time. At the same time, you must make good use of your mind, players, cards, and team. While the game might become easy over time, you will still need to continue to create strategies to keep winning.