In recent years technology has become more advanced in sectors such as healthcare, retail, and finance. AI has evolved to be more human-like than ever and has made tedious tasks simple and easy. But in the job sector, there are still some soft talents that a computer just cannot replace, such as cooperation, teamwork, creativity, change, and adaption to mention a few. As the best and top school in Greater Noida West, Pacific World School has integrated both STEAM and STEM education into its curriculum. The school offers the best education along with other extracurricular activities that help students develop essential skills and boost career opportunities.

What is STEM Education?

In response to the changing demands of the workforce, new curricula in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) have been developed to better equip students interested in these disciplines.

STEM careers are also high in demand and offer excellent opportunities to the students pursuing them. Pacific World School, the top CBSE school in Greater Noida West, offers a secure and intellectually demanding atmosphere that enables the students to be inventive thinkers, dynamic leaders, creative problem solvers, and lifelong learners with the zeal to succeed in the 21st century.

What is STEAM Education and Why is it Important?

The STEAM-focused curriculum integrates the study of the humanities, language arts, dance, theater, music, visual arts, design, new media, and more by fusing the arts with STEM subjects.

Why Arts Make a Difference?

Incorporating arts subjects such as creative writing, history, and design helps STEM workers address problems in more creative and novel ways. Even though STEM fields foster innovation and advance the economy there is a constant need for fresh graduates with the skills and activities that were once necessary. Because STEM areas are dynamic by nature, it is critical that students acquire both the subject-matter knowledge and the flexibility and well-roundedness necessary to adjust to changes as they arise.

The distinction between STEM and STEAM can be found in how they handle scientific ideas. STEM places a clear emphasis on using hard scientific, technological, engineering, or mathematical skills to advance research or develop novel ideas. Students use both hard and soft talents to address challenges in STEAM courses.

Impact of STEAM Education

Mentioned below are some of the STEAM education facts that will help students understand its growing importance.

  • STEAM promotes teamwork to comprehend STEM concepts.
  • Through the integration of artistic concepts and practices, STEAM enhances students’ understanding of science, math, and technology by utilizing tools like fine art imagery and data visualization.
  • The rise of STEAM has taught us, that in order to stand out as applicants and performers in the job market, ambitious STEM professionals should build both hard and soft skill sets.

As the best leading school in Greater Noida West, Pacific World School has included STEAM education in its curriculum. Along with offering science subjects, the school also focuses on fine arts subjects and gives equal emphasis to developing the soft skills of the students. The motive of the school is to make the students ready for real-life challenges and emerge as future leaders of the generation.


Despite the distinctions between STEM and STEAM, there is room for advancement in the disciplines of science, technology, engineering, art, and math in all professions. It’s critical that students select a curriculum that takes into account their hobbies, career aspirations, and unique skill sets. The top school in Greater Noida West, Pacific World School provides students with the benefits of both STEM and STEAM education. Along with that the school also guides students with the right career choice to utilize their skills in the best possible way.