“Dermatology is a subject that interested me the most during my medical graduation. I, personally, could relate as we come across numerous skin conditions around us on a day-to-day basis. But it was only in the final year — I took the best decision of my life, or rather I can say I came to realize that dermatology is my passion. There were no second thoughts in joining Kosmoderma and trained under Dr. Chytra, and there was no turning back. Last month I opened my first clinic with Kosmoderma. I felt like coming home or giving back to the phenomenal training I received from the organization which made me what I am today.” -Dr. Shalini Krishnamurthy

Dr. Shalini Krishnamurthy, hailed from Bangalore, has a Master’s in Dermatology, UK. She pursued MBBS graduation and later completed her Diploma in Cosmetology from Mumbai before leaving for the United Kingdom to complete her master’s. She joined Kosmoderma in 2018, and the rest is history!

During Dr.Shalini’s final year graduation days, she remembers how her friends and relatives approached her for skin-related concerns. She realized how important skincare is to everyone and how prevalent skin problems are. Those were days when Dr. Shalini became more fond of dermatology — like a calling. Kosmoderma was her first and foremost job, and she was one among the very first who received extensive training from the celebrity dermatologist — Dr. Chytra V Anand herself.

The training at Kosmoderma Academy is well-structured and meticulous at the same time. Dr. Chytra, despite her international fame, is a humble and easily approachable person. She takes the team along from one procedure to another and keeps her junior doctors closer to hands-on learning and systematic improvement of their skill sets. “Dr. Chytra is a self-made, strong, and independent personality and businesswoman. She is a limitless source of inspiration for many aspiring dermatologists like me”, Dr.Shalini Krishnamurthy says.

Quite impressed with Dr. Shalini’s remarkable performance during her training period, Dr. Chytra offered her the charge of one of her clinics. “It seemed like a mountain to move. But throughout my tenure as the consultant dermatologist, her support and motivation were omnipresent”, Dr. Shalini Krishnamurthy added.

Kosmoderma Academy follows international standards and protocols in aesthetic treatments and procedures. The organization is rich in training faculties with years of hands-on experience in their respective expertise. Dr. ShaliniKrishnamurthy said: “It gives me immense pleasure to know that the academy is about to start soon. No doubt, it would set a new benchmark in aesthetics and cosmetology training in India. Never miss the chance to learn from Dr. Chytra and other experienced faculties of the academy. You will achieve your goals and shine brightly in your career with the training at Kosmoderma”.