The Sun will transit in Leo zodiac sign on 17 August 2023. The Sun is the king of planets in Vedic astrology, and Leo is its own zodiac sign. This transit can have some effects on people’s lives. For some, it may be favorable, and for others, it may have some negative effects.

The Sun signifies many things – father, ego, career, life, respect, reputation, Government, leadership, etc. Depending on which house of the native’s birth chart the Sun occupies during its transit, these areas are likely to be affected.

 Time and Duration of Sun Transit in Leo 2023

The Sun transit is usually for a period of 30 days. It stays in one zodiac sign for 30 days before it transits to another zodiac sign. The Sun transit is also called Sankranti.

The transit will take place on 17 August 2023 at 13.23 minutes. This Sun transit can be very favorable for people who have influence in government and powerful connections.

 Effects of Planet Sun in Leo 

During this period, people’s fame may remain intact. They will have ample stamina, and they could become courageous and ambitious. They will do well in management tasks. Individuals may become wealthy, generous, bold, and intelligent. The father of people with the Leo zodiac sign will enjoy good luck.

 There may be chances of monetary gains for people born under some signs. Now let us see the effects that the Sun’s transit in its own zodiac sign, Leo, will have on different zodiac signs.

 Sun Transit In Leo 2023: Predictions For Different Zodiac Signs


The Sun Transit in Leo 2023 can be good for Aries students. They will have good focus, energy, and intelligence. There may be some anger and ego issues in love life. This transit will be good for finances. But, people who are involved in speculation and illegal betting can face losses. Overall, it will be a favorable time for Aries natives.

 Remedy- Offer Arghya to Surya Dev every morning.


This transit will bring mixed results. Your mother may have energy, good health, and immunity now. But she can become a little authoritative and dominating.

Taurus natives will get due respect and recognition. You can make some investments in property. Try to maintain peace at home, as small fights could erupt into major fights.

You may impress your seniors and get their support. But you can also feel directionless. Try to get guidance from your mentors.

 Remedy – Organize Ramayan Path at home or worship Rama regularly.


You will have a lot of courage and confidence. Your communication will be authoritative and dynamic. It may be a good period for Gemini people in marketing, social media, or consultation jobs. Siblings may offer good support but there may also be ego problems. The relationship with your father will be fine, and he may appreciate you. Religious activities may interest you.

 Remedy – Give a gift (something in red color) to your younger siblings.


During this transit, you may become very authoritative and blunt in your speech. This could hurt others and lead to conflicts with family members.

But it is a good time for professionals, especially those who work in the finance sector, and also for local politicians. You will get support from your family. Those who are doing research or studying occult sciences like Astrology, Numerology, etc., may benefit during this transit. It is a good time to start their practice.

 Remedy- Every morning, chant Gayatri Mantra ‘108’ times.


Leos will have energy, good health, immunity, and self-confidence now. But you may also become aggressive, egoistic, and angry. Sun Transit in Leo will make you very attractive and regal. People will be impressed by your leadership and decision-making abilities.

You may get many opportunities in life. It is also a good time to focus on health and fitness. But due to your domineering nature and egoism, married life may not be peaceful.


During this transit, you may become very competitive. The transit will give you mixed results. There may be health issues and depletion of energy. Maintain good hygiene and consume a balanced diet. Your expenses or losses may increase. You can gain benefits from any foreign country, Government, or people working in MNC if you are going through a favorable Dasha. Overseas travel is likely. Students preparing for government service or competitive exams may benefit. Those who are facing litigation will also succeed.

 Remedy – Offer jaggery mixed with chapatis to cows.


You may enjoy the support of your elder sibling, paternal uncle, and paternal relatives. There may be financial gains and better social status. Your desires may be fulfilled. You may also get appreciation, recognition, and rewards for your hard work in career and business. Your children may make you proud. Libra students will have to work hard.

 Remedy – Keep a red handkerchief in your pocket or purse.


Professional life will benefit from this Sun transit. You will get many new opportunities, especially those in the government sector, MNCs, politicians, surgeons, etc. Those doing business may also gain from the Government or higher authorities. Others will appreciate your leadership skills.

You may have high self-respect, but it may turn into ego and arrogance. So, be alert. Your mother may offer support, but due to egoism and anger, domestic happiness may go for a toss. If, due to professional commitments, you ignore your family, it can affect your family life.

 Remedy- Every morning, offer Arghya to the Sun with red rose petals.


This is a very good time for Sagittarians who are consultants, mentors, and teachers. Students wishing to pursue higher studies in foreign lands will get good opportunities. Your father, Guru, and mentors may support you. This Sun Transit in Leo is also a favorable time for long distance travel and pilgrimage. You will follow the religious path and try to boost your good Karma. Your communication will be effective, and your younger siblings may support you.

 Remedy- Respect your father and receive his blessings before leaving home.


This can be a challenging time for Capricorn natives. There may be health problems related to the heart and bones. So, follow a healthy diet and lifestyle and be careful when traveling. Sudden happenings may agitate you. Your relationship with your in-laws may be disturbed. Those who are pursuing research or occult studies like astrology can use this time for learning. Students pursuing Ph.D.s can benefit. Avoid needless expenses.

 Remedy- On Tuesdays, donate jaggery and black roasted Chana in temples.


During this Sun Transit in Leo, your partner may get new opportunities and thrive. But this transit is not good for your married life because the Sun is a hot planet and can cause egoism, anger, and aggressiveness. It is a good time to focus on health and fitness. Be careful in your behavior.

 Remedy- On Sundays, donate pomegranate in temples.


This Sun Transit in Leo will be good for students preparing for government service or other competitive exams. You will achieve success if you are an administrator or a government official.

You will have the support of your maternal uncle. Those facing legal issues may benefit. You will overcome your enemies. Digestive problems, kidney stones, or infections are likely. Expenses may increase. There could be chances for overseas travel.

 Remedy – Recite the Aditya Hriday Stotra daily.