Wireless chargers have gained popularity thanks to the availability of qi-charging devices. You will find these devices in your homes and your offices. It is an added advantage that the charging pads cannot cause wear and tear in the USB ports. The ease of use along with convenience has made some wireless magnetic chargers stand out more than others. Syntech’s magnetic wireless charger has been pretty popular for all the right things. Let’s have a closer look at this wireless charger’s different features.   

A Brief History of Wireless Charging

The concept of wireless charging has been around since the time of Tesla when he gave us a clear idea of electromagnetic coupling in 1894. As per the century-old concept, there are two participants here: the transmitter and receiver, one receives electricity charges while the other passes them. Apart from charging devices, this technology is also used to help the internet of things stay updated about smaller different devices. 

The technology has been around for over 100 years yet it has never been used unless you count electrical toothbrushes. Over the years, we have seen this ingenious invention evolve into something that can be used daily. It is because of this evolution in age-old technology that we see magnetic chargers with charging pads everywhere. 

Inventions like USB wireless chargers and wireless phone chargers found today are a result of constant innovation from tech giants. Slowly and steadily we are noting a decline in the number of cables used for charging devices. 

How does a Wireless Charger Work?

Electromagnetic charging has three types. We will expand on the three charging types to help us understand how the Syntech charger is working. 

  • Tightly Coupled Inductive and Loosely Coupled Resonant: The charging depends on a tightly coiled close loop of wires that is triggered by an electromagnetic field activating this mechanism. The tightly coupled inductive charging is seen in USB C wireless chargers and phone charging stands commonly.  The loosely coupled resonant charging, on the other hand, is seen in chargers that allow the devices to charge even when they are at a distance from the charging receptacle. 
  • Uncoupled Charging: This charging type works by sending radio frequencies, infrared beams, and ultrasounds. This is used mainly in the collection of data from devices as they move around. Many are currently working to make this technology available to the masses. Uncoupled charging will allow trickle charging to take place in public spaces.  

Syntech’s Wireless Magnetic Charger: A Review

How does the Syntech Charger Work?  

Syntech’s wireless charging station is one of the best wireless chargers available at the time. The charger depends on the tightly coupled inductive charging to work. The charger also has a magnet to support this charging mechanism as otherwise there would be a chance of the smartphone not connecting properly. 

It works with all the qi compatible devices. The qi charging pads work in an inductive fashion which basically means qi wireless charging pads require a very short distance between the qi charging pad and the qi device. 

Design of the Syntech Magnetic Wireless Charger

The magnetic charging pad has a sleek circular design that looks stylish while maintaining ease of use for the user. The use of great material in building the device ensures that the fast wireless charger will stay with you for a long time. 

Qi Compatibility Aligns with Magnetic Elements

A requirement for qi-compatible phones during charging is that they should be placed extremely close to the wireless charging mat. If this condition is not met, the charging does not take place. The Syntech wireless cell phone charger hence comes with built-in 18 magnet modules that attach to the correct position immediately.  The magnets ensure that the experience is seamless and your phone can easily stay connected to the charger. 

Compatibility with Different Qi Devices

Syntech’s USB C wireless charger can easily work with a lot of devices that are Qi charging compatible. There are several mobile covers that allow you to charge with the case on. Magsafe mobile cases are a timesaver for iPhone users. You will find that this charger works well with iPhone 8 and later iPhone models as well as Airpods 2 and 3.  

Super Easy to Use this Cordless Phone Charger

Syntech’s wireless magnetic charger is one of the best qi chargers currently available in the market. It is because Syntech prioritizes the user experience above everything else. You need to just plug the charger into a power adapter and you’re good to go. Your phone will snap right into its place for optimum charging. Don’t have USB-C port adapter? You can use the USB-A adapter that they provide. 

Final Words About Syntech’s Wireless Magnetic Charger

The impressive appearance of the Syntech Magnetic Wireless Charger is something that is evident to us all. You can easily note that it is super flexible when it comes to the device range. The design of the phone charging stand complements the magnetic wireless charger flawlessly. 

The charger works as fast as the manufacturer states on the website. It is easy to operate, Syntech reduces the anxiety of those using USB-A ports since the charger actually comes with an adapter for such cases.