Tata has consistently introduced a brand-new series of commercial vehicles with subtle design changes and a handful of onboard upgrades to revitalise its CV portfolio and gain new consumers. The innovative Tata 1212 LPT FE features an ergonomically enhanced cabin. It enhances driving comfort, best-in-class technologies, and amenities that promote operator and vehicle safety. This blog will unveil more interesting aspects of the Tata 1212 LPT FE truck. 

Technical Specifications of the Tata 1212 LPT FE Truck

In the light truck segment, the Tata LPT 1212 is an ideal cargo-hauling alternative for every aspiring customer. The dependable BS6 3.3L NG, With an E-viscous fan, verified engine life and ease of maintenance, ideally propels the vehicle. And also, the engine can produce 125 Horsepower and a peak torque of 390 NM. The Tata LPT 1212 also provide higher performance and fuel savings while emitting less sound and vibration. The high-performance engine is designed to produce maximum power at low RPMs, allowing for fewer gearshifts and improved fuel efficiency. 

The wheelbase of 3600 mm provides for easier gear engagement, resulting in improved driving satisfaction and effective power transmission. And also, Its good ground clearance makes it excellent for transporting cargo over rugged terrain. In addition, the larger tyre size also improves the truck’s loading capacity. 

This commercial vehicle also aims to provide new or existing customers with superior performance and higher mileage and gets you a comfortable driving experience.

Tata 1212 LPT FE Price Range

The Tata 1212 LPT FE on-road price starts at Rs. 22.38 Lakh, which can go to Rs. 24.25 Lakh in India. 

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