Users seeking more stability will easily maneuver with the greater wheelbase provided by Tata Signa Tipper. However, the Tata Intra V50 Pickup is a best-in-class vehicle for users seeking easy glide on terrains.

But here’s a catch: Users find both Tata Motors models highly productive and efficient. Delve into the blog to get the Tata Signa price and for Intra, too, with specifications. 

1. Tata Signa 1918.K Tipper

The Tata Signa Tipper is a remarkable heavy-duty vehicle designed to excel in transportation. With a potent Tata 5.0L Turbotronn BS6 engine generating 180 HP, it promotes powerful performance. 

Moreover, with a GVW of 18500 kg, this tipper offers substantial load-carrying capability. Besides, its 3580/3225 MM wheelbase options contribute to stability and maneuverability on varied terrains. 

Furthermore, the 300 Ltr. fuel tank enables extended journeys with a 3.5-4.5 KMPL mileage, making it a cost-effective choice. 

The comfortable and spacious SIGNA Cabin and a 7-speed gearbox add to its appeal. Also, the price range of Rs. 33.43 Lakh – 37.43 Lakh caters to diverse customer preferences. 

2. Tata Intra V50 Pickup

The Tata Intra V50 Pickup is a versatile choice for various hauling needs. With its DI engine generating 80 HP, it guarantees both power and performance. 

Furthermore, serving a GVW of 2960 kg and a payload capacity of 1500 kg, the pickup offers carrying capabilities. 

Besides, the compact wheelbase of 2600 MM and gradeability enhance maneuverability. In addition, the 35 Ltr. Fuel tank and mileage ranging from 17 to 22 kmpl ensure fuel economy. 

Moreover, synchromesh transmission and hydraulic power-assisted steering contribute to seamless handling. Notably, the Tata Intra price comes at an attractive range of Rs. 8.90 Lakh to 9.40 Lakh.