What’s hot in tattooing equipment in 2023 and why? Check out the Tattoo Gizmo top machines, inks, and needles for tattoo artists!

Tattoo equipment is what you rely on as an artist for your business and art, and with Tattoo Gizmo, you’ve found a go-to company for innovative, high-quality machines and devices. Are you looking to buy?

Other tattoo artists’ reviews are invaluable in guiding your decisions on machines that will help you grow.

We’ll name some of the best-selling devices and tools that artists have purchased individually and highlight their comments so you can see if the products will work for you.

When appropriate, we will highlight a variant of the machine or device that is currently in stock.

#1 Utopian Kabellos V3 Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine

It’s time to let your power shine, to embrace the wireless revolution, and to create your masterpiece. Say goodbye to your inconvenient cables, rotary, and coil machine! Even if you prefer the coil, you’ll appreciate our entire line of Wireless machines.

During the tattooing process, accuracy and responsiveness are critical. You must be able to tap into your desired voltage with pinpoint accuracy and control. Inaccuracy is simply not possible. So we completely rewrote the Wireless Tattoo Pen Machine Operating System, incorporated smart chip technology, and made some internal and external changes.

The Utopian Kabellos V3 Pen Machine comes with two rechargeable batteries and a charger, giving you unlimited battery power. It also has a jumpstart chip, which starts at 9V and then returns to the original speed.

The Utopian Kabellos V3 is a lightweight, well-balanced wireless pen-style cartridge tattoo machine that is compatible with the majority of the market’s well-known brand cartridges. Works great with Artistry Cartridges, Falcon Cartridges, Cheyenne Cartridges, Kwadron Cartridges, and other brands.


#2 FK Iron Spektra Flux Chromium Wireless Tattoo Machine

The FK Spektra Flux is the world’s first truly wireless tattoo machine. More power with none of the complications. All you need is a pen-style device with all the features you require.

We developed a wireless device with a battery life of up to 10 hours* and a fast charging speed. Charge your tattoo machine using any USB-C power plug, such as the one in your car, laptop, or battery pack. Know where you are at all times by using an LED indicator to check your battery life and voltage usage.

To avoid overcomplicating things, we designed a simple interface with only three buttons, allowing you to devote more time to your art. A lightweight, ergonomic design prioritizes your comfort and safety by packing the majority of the weight in the center, reducing hand strain.


#3 Dynamic Tattoo Ink Colors – Individual Bottles

Terry Welker (Tramp) of Michigan/USA (tattooing for 30 years and owner of Eternal Tattoo Supply) created Eternal Ink, which is manufactured in the Eternal Tattoo Supply facility. Eternal pigments are among the best tattoo inks on the market. Best means not only variety/brightness/ease of penetration into the skin, but also keeping each batch the same blends (reproducing the same shades each batch).


#4 Kwadron Tattoo Cartridge Needles – Soft Edge Magnum

Kwadron Tattoo Cartridge needles Soft Edge Magnum cartridge with a diameter. The curvature of the needles in this cartridge produces a haze when shading, resulting in a more intense color in the center and a shadow cast on the outside. Ideal for tonal, smooth transitions, fading effects, and other similar effects. Filling in black or color, softer shading (less traumatic to the skin), as in portraits, realism, or blurred backgrounds are all possibilities.

One box contains 20 cartridges, price on a page for a single tattoo cartridge needle.