Brain tumors in medical terms can be defined as the abnormal and uncontrolled growth of cells that occurs in a certain region of the brain but if left untreated can result in the occurrence of cancer as well. Brain tumors when treated in the initial stages of the growth can be curbed with proper medication and with the help of cerebrospinal fluid injections that ultimately tends to dissolve the tumor over a due course of medication and a routine pattern of checkups over some time.

But what are the causes for the occurrence f brain tumor let us understand them in detail before having opted for a checkup or arriving at the fact that the brain needs surgery. The reason why people tend to get afraid whenever there are concerns about the brain involved is that the brain is the overseer of all bodily functions.

The primary causes of a brain tumor as identified so far 

  1. Genetics – A research conducted by a very popular neurosurgeon in Ludhiana who has come forward and been generous enough to explain one of the important yet not-so-important reasons for the appearance of a brain tumor. As per the research analysis, the paper suggested that 10% of the cases that were registered for the appearance of brain tumors across the cities of Punjab had a history of family brain illness over some time because diseases as we all know can get forwarded up to 40 generations.
  2. Chronic stress – Chronic stress can activate the hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis and the sympathetic nervous system, cause the release of endocrine hormones and promote the occurrence and development of tumors, which when left untreated over some time can result in the aggravation of cells and thus lead to brain tumor 
  3. Exposure to harmful fatal chemicals and pesticides – A research conducted by another popular and respected neurologist in Ludhiana says “a list of random ten patients was taken and their life pattern was studied for the past 20 yrs, when the pattern of their lives was studied we realized maximum of them had been industrial workers and coal miners which exposed them to a lot more chemicals than the normal range.

The earliest symptoms of brain tumors include nausea, vomiting, and headaches but to ascertain whether or not a person is suffering from a brain tumor the following tests have to be conducted.

  1. A basic neurological examination of the five senses namely sight, hearing, speech, taste, and feel to understand neural coordination.
  2. Magnetic resonant Imaging or an MRI scan is conducted to give a fair x-ray picture of, sometimes by injecting a cerebra spinal fluid or by injecting an injection into the arm of a person.
  3. Biopsy or sample collection – A biopsy or a sample collection is when the neurosurgeon drills a hole into the skull of the person and then removes a small portion of the abnormal tissue from the overgrown region and then sends it for CT or MRI scanning.