The 48 Laws of Prayer Power & Promises of God is a book that will teach you how to pray, enhance your relationship with God, and reveal His plan for your life. The laws are a collection of powerful prayers that are drawn from the Bible and revealed through various wisdom blessings coming directly from God. They will help guide you in becoming a more powerful, confident, and prosperous person by helping you to continually face your day and walk in faith on the path God has ordered for you to walk.
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This book of 48 Laws of Prayer Power & Promises of God is intended to serve as a reminder that, once we have transformed our thinking and regenerated the way we think in our entire life’s journey, there is nothing we cannot have, be, do, accomplish, or aspire to achieve. The intention is to give what you have to the world and eagerly await the day when all of humanity will act in unison, starting with just ourselves and one another, with unwavering love, acceptance, faith, and goodwill toward all men.
The Laws of Prayer Power contains 48 key principles and scriptures to help you understand and implement a daily, consistent prayer strategy that will bring power and blessings into your life. It’s also infused with powerful prayers and promises of God that are designed to change your perspective on prayer and remind you who you truly are as a child of God.
Who is the author of “The 48 Laws of Prayer Power & Promises of God”?
The Hustle Mama, Stefany J. Jones, authored this book with the belief that everyone can do everything they set their minds to, and he is living proof that it is achievable with the correct motivation and determination.
Most of the 48 laws draw on a specific situation from history, and even though some of them seem to contradict one another, there’s a precious lesson to be learned from every single one.
According to Stefany J. Jones, our soul’s journey is a continuous process of learning how to face our fears, deal with rejection and failure, stay focused on our aspirations and objectives, accomplish what we do best, appreciate ourselves as God’s children, and let other people love us for who we are. It is up to each of us to live into the greatness within each of us that was destined for all humanity.
Therefore, the author contends in this contentious book, “The 48 Laws of Prayer Power & Promises of God,” that if you can entice, enchant, and fool your adversaries, you will achieve the height of power. The book promotes the premise that you will become a better person as you become more adept at delegating authority. This happens because you develop the ability to boost other people’s self-esteem, which causes them to become dependent on you as a tremendous source of inspiration to be around.
Interesting Facts about the book
The 48 Laws Of Prayer Power & Promises of God draws on many of history’s most famous laws to show you what power looks like, how you can get it through prayer to God, what to do to defend yourself against the power of others, and, most importantly, how to use it well and keep it.
The book also includes a selection of sayings and proverbs from some of the most influential figures in history, including Martin Luther King Jr., Amelia Earhart, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. It was one of the first books to have an impact on readers’ thinking and cause them to alter their perspective on life and their entire way of living.
The book has compiled the 48 laws of prayer power and promises of God. These scriptures, prayers, and promises will remind others of the greatness that has been bestowed within us to walk in life with us and beside us. These Laws are a true revelation that will change your life. There is power in prayer, and you can have it now if you’re willing to follow these laws and make your heart’s desires known to God.
The 48 laws of prayer are a guidebook to the inner power you have been given as your spirit speaks to you in the language of love. It also reveals the truth that is waiting for you to recognize and experience for yourself. This book will provide a way for you to access your life’s full potential, align with the power of God, and experience a life of first-class results. It is intended to give inspiration, encourage, and be the kind of volume that provides you with all that it has to offer.
Explore the power that we all have within us, a power so far beyond imagination but if we haven’t learned how to harness it through our actions then it is quite possibly the greatest destroyer of our dreams, hopes, and aspirations. For who can say that life holds no greater hope or promise than the one that resides within what has been called “The 48 Laws of Prayer Power & Promise”,” or an individual’s will and desire to seek God and open their minds to see Him as He is?”
With this book, you will be at peace and never again look at life in the same way. These scriptures, prayers, and promises are true so don’t miss out on them! To learn how to harness this power within, you must heed these scriptures and learn how they are meant to be applied in your life.
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