You have numerous materials on your list for patio or deck railing, each with a unique set of benefits and downsides. Traditionally, wood fencing has been the most popular and classic option, and wrought iron sure thinks it’s hot stuff, but neither of them can be compared with aluminum railing systems.

Whether you need to enclose a residential, commercial, or industrial space, aluminum fencing will work beautifully. It is strong, reliable, and requires low maintenance and for this reason, aluminum is quickly gaining popularity.

Though when you hear aluminum the word may bring forth images of cans or that foil that we use to wrap food, aluminum has not become as popular as it has in the decking market for nothing. So if you were set on a wood or wrought iron fence, the following guide will urge you to consider aluminum as a worthwhile alternative.

Property owners love Aluminum’s Low-Maintenance Nature

You will hardly need to regularly stain or paint it to maintain aesthetics but appreciate them for the rest of your life once aluminum deck railings are installed. The one thing that every user loves the best about is that it creates No Fuss.

The top rail and pickets won’t need to be replaced, since it doesn’t rot or easily break, like in the case of a wood railing. If you are willing to do a little maintenance for your deck, which you should be doing from time to time, adorning it lightens the load, leaving you with more time to mend other materials used on the deck railing system.

With only periodic cleaning required, properly coated aluminum will last many years. The beauty of aluminum is that even if the top coat is scratched to the point where base metal is visible, aluminum will not corrode even in the most challenging environments.

Cleaning is easy!

Anything that spends its working life outdoors is not immune to dirt. Luckily, when it comes to the aluminum deck railing, tending to it is easy. All you need to do is wipe it down with a damp cloth or mild detergent every month and you will be good to go. You don’t need to spend extra dollars on finicky maintenance products, or fear about ruining the aesthetic finish. As we mentioned, it is also easy to remove even the stuck-on gunk from it. So if you are looking for an easy-to-care for product, this is it.

Aluminum Deck Railing Systems are a beautiful addition to any deck or patio

What more do you want from your deck railing: it doesn’t rot, it does not fade, and it lends an air of polish to any home, plus when it comes to aesthetics no material can beat it.

With an aluminum handrail, the manufacturer can provide you with fine shapes, and styles similar to that of wood. Many aluminum fences, like the ones offered by Muzata Railing, have hidden picket fasteners and lack unsightly screws as well, giving your deck a more refined finish. You can use it on flat surfaces as well as sloped land without worrying about the ugly gaps and awkward transitions. This means it can be adjusted to fit your landscape. No matter what the weather brings, the coated handrails will retain their beauty and you will have many color and texture options to choose from.

And when remodeling a deck, the designer can create, mix and match to their heart’s content. It provides sleek and distinguished beauty to your backyard atmosphere for decades whether it is rainy or sunny. Of course, the durability of aluminum means it will look good as well as fulfill its function long after the other materials have begun to start aging.

What’s more, the appeal is versatile, because the style, size, and shape can be customized in terms of pretty much everything, making it fit for all sorts of interior and exterior styles. There are plenty of options to suit your deck, whether you need minimalist, charming, model, or rustic & minimalist- you name it.

Aluminum railing system can be mixed and matched with all kinds of materials

If you are worried about your aluminum handrails clashing with wooden ones, then don’t be. If you search the internet you will find plenty of high-end homes mixing the two. You can find something that perfectly harmonizes with the look you are going for as these are available in so many shapes, sizes, and colors!

Aluminum offers excellent durability

Aluminum is a metal that is strong and resistant to rust- and because of it, it’s tough. As we mentioned above, unlike wood, it won’t rust, break, or easily fades and aluminum deck railing systems are even fire resistant, meaning they won’t burn. This unbeatable durability means your aluminum railing will last significantly longer than any other material and very rarely if at all, you will need outright replacement than alternative material options.

In case something does go wrong and the coating on railings ends up with a scratch or chip, you can simply touch it up with specially made products that are designed to make the job easy.

Because of its longevity, it is a great long-term investment

Because it is sturdy and its toughness benefits you in more than just looks, it is definitely going to be an amazing long-term investment.

Without a doubt, if you go for aluminum decks they can get pricey- though if you get in touch with a cable railing manufacturer will always stay within the budget they are given.  It requires a higher upfront investment. Cost varies based on location, size, installation process, and whether you choose decorative or plain designs.

Plus, long-term maintenance costs, repairs, and replacement prices for other additional materials can add, but that can’t be said for aluminum. For it to stand the test of time, a solid installation job, and aluminum’s inherent strength, your deck will remain beautiful and intact.

Allows an Unobstructed View from Your Backyard, Deck or Patio

The primary purpose of installing aluminum railing is to ensure safety, but that does not mean that they cannot be aesthetically pleasing. With the variety of styles, colors, and patterns available, you can simply customize the railing to go with your property’s layout. What’s more, you get the added flexibility to convert your railing into sleek and modern designs.

When you opt for clunkier decking materials, it can obscure a great deal of your lovely yard while it is supposed to be a space where you want to enjoy the outdoor view. When you opt for an aluminum deck railing system with sleek cable rails, the thin and refined structure will create an open view of what you have worked so hard to maintain.

You would not want to use the deck if it leaves you feeling trapped in a cage. With aluminum railings in place, you will have more free space and feel as if there is room to breathe. This function can be fully embraced when you are at your vacation home with a serene hangout space.

Fortunately, many manufacturers are designing simple systems that come in kits these days. So, this makes aluminum railing not a big task anymore, and an average property owner can do it. All you need to do is have a set of necessary tools handy like hand crimpers, cable cutters, tape measure, saw, drill, etc. Therefore you can give it a try!