The mahogany picture frame MG130 is a great way to organize photos and display them in a wooden frame. The mahogany wood features a beautiful grain that adds to the overall look of this piece. It also comes with two adjustable easels on either side so you can find the perfect angle for displaying your favorite images.

This mahogany picture frame measures 13″ x 20″ and is made of solid mahogany wood construction for durability. The frame has a satin finish that gives it a subtle shine when used indoors or outdoors.

This mahogany picture frame comes with two adjustable easels on either side so you can find the perfect angle for displaying your favorite images. Each easel has a hook at the bottom that allows you to easily hang this piece on a wall or other surface where you want it displayed.

A solid mahogany picture frame with a black finish, this picture frame will compliment any space in your home. The acrylic glass is UV resistant so it can be used in direct sunlight. The glass is clear which means you will be able to see through it, but if you need to place a picture behind the glass,

The picture frames has been finished with a warm brown stain on the front and back of the wood. This stain gives the wood an aged look that blends well with any d├ęcor in your home, The frame features an archival quality glass molding that has been hand selected for quality and durability. This frame will be sure to last for years to come.

net for displaying multiple framed photographs. The length of this picture frame is 115cm and the width is 61cm which gives you plenty of space for displaying your favorite photos.

The mahogany picture frame MG130 features a single matting piece in the middle of the front panel which allows you to display your favorite photographs. It also comes with two rods that are adjustable in length so you can choose the perfect size to fit your wall or door space.

The mahogany picture frame MG130 comes with a set of hanging hooks that allow you to hang it on the wall or door using nail heads so it can be easily moved around as required.

The top of the mahogany picture frame is also decorated with ornate engravings that are reminiscent of old world craftsmanship. These carvings are carefully designed to look like they have been carved from stone, but what’s really happening is that they have been painted on top of the wood surface using multiple coats of paint. It’s a stunning effect that adds depth and dimension to any piece of furniture you put it into your home!