For every business, it becomes difficult to choose between Eicher trucks. The price continues to escalate, from both, effective due to high demand. 

If you need to be made aware of either Tata or Eicher truck price in India, then continue reading the blog. Both models are highly reliable and productive for logistics. Also, know the features and specifications of the given models here. 

A. Eicher Pro 3019 

The Eicher Pro 3019, an 18.5-ton GVW rigid truck, runs on the smart and efficient E494 engine. Moreover, with next-gen features, it redefines efficiency and profitability. This truck delivers top-notch performance and mileage for intra-city trips. 

Additionally, it enables you to seize new opportunities, foster smart business growth, and maintain a competitive edge. This helps businesses grow and increase their profit margin. Also, it benefits logistics businesses by connecting them to all areas and helping them stand out from competitors.

Besides, this model is built to keep you ahead, ensuring class-leading capabilities to drive your business forward. Hence, the Eicher truck’s price range is Rs. 25.90 – 28.18 Lakh.

B. Tata LPT 4825 Truck

The Tata LPT 4825 is a heavy-duty truck that is available in both BS4 and BS6 variants. Also, it operates from a Cummins ISBe 6.7L engine that produces 249.4 HP for better speed. 

Besides, the LPT 4825 has a payload capacity of 47,500 kg and a GVW of 48,500 kg. Additionally, this truck is ideal for construction, mining, logistics, and infrastructure applications. Also, this model works for long-distance haulage. Its long platform allows more space for hauling cargo.

As concluded, this Tata new truck comes within the price range of Rs. 48.49 – 55.49 Lakh. Further, this highly advanced long-platform truck features air suspension, ABS brakes, power windows, and air conditioning.

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