The best hard shell suitcases are durable, box-like suitcases that protect your belongings from being squished or crushed. They are made from polycarbonate (a high-strength thermoplastic) and often feature spinner wheels, TSA locks and matching carry-on bags. Besides being durable, they’re also stylish and have stood up to repeated use in the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Textiles Lab.

Don’t Overpack

When packing the best hard shell suitcase, make a priority list of items you will need. Then cancel out all the items that don’t fit this list. This will ensure that you don’t overpack.

It is also recommended to divide your clothing, shoes, and waterproof gear differently if you’re traveling by plane. You will want to put the heavier things on the bottom and then spread them out evenly on both sides of your luggage. This way, you don’t end up with an unbalanced bag when you stand up and it will be easier to move around.

Lastly, it’s important to make sure that your best hard shell suitcase has extra pockets to store souvenirs and laundry until you arrive home. You never know when these things might come in handy, so it’s a good idea to bring them along. Plus, it will save you time when you arrive back at your home airport. It is also a great way to keep track of your belongings and prevent them from being misplaced.

Keep It Simple

Whether you are a packer or even if you are just someone who likes to travel light, the best hard shell suitcases offer a few nifty features. Aside from solid construction, many feature modern amenities such as 360-degree spinning wheels and rechargeable batteries that keep your electronics juiced on the road. The best part is that a hard-shell suitcase can be as light as a feather in your hand.

Before you begin to pack, it is a good idea to make a priority list of everything you plan on packing. This will ensure that you aren’t missing any important items. Then stack things in a way that makes sense. For example, if you are going to be traveling in winter, put your coat on top of the bag. This will help prevent the bottom from getting tipped over when you are walking or standing up. Alternatively, you can also stack some of your favorite clothing items in the best hard shell suitcase lid to save space while still keeping them organized.

Make It Fit

Whether it’s packing up for a long weekend away or a week abroad, you put your luggage through the wringer. With each trip, you tote it around, pull it from the trunk and shove it through the airport check-in queue. No wonder the best hard shell suitcases are all the rage. Besides being the most stylish piece of travel gear, they’re also the most functional and best equipped to weather the elements.

While a hefty price tag is parred for the course, these sleek bags are well worth asking for. With a solid ten-year warranty and easy-to-use features like a telescoping handle, these linguistic best hard shell suitcase are worthy of your hard-earned cash. The most impressive feature is their ability to stand up to the rigors of modern travel, including the occasional rough treatment at the hands of airport personnel. To help you find the right hardshell for you, we rounded up our top picks for travel buffs of all ages.

Take It With You

best hard shell suitcases are often the best choice for travelers, as they offer strong protection against damage. Unlike soft cases, which can tear or rip easily if they are made from the wrong material, hard cases are generally manufactured from durable polycarbonate and aluminum.

Aside from durability, they also have a sleek, modern look. They are usually more streamlined than soft cases and are more difficult to dent and scuff, making them easier to clean.

Another perk is that they are typically easy to navigate at airports and train stations, thanks to their four wheels. That makes it much easier to roll around a city or airport than it is to carry around a heavy bag with two wheels. Atoallinks

However, they can be susceptible to cracking and breaking. They may not be as durable as soft luggage, so it’s important to pay attention to the materials they are made of and be sure you choose a high-quality brand.