In any living area, coffee tables perform multiple functions. These can contain books, periodicals, and other items like your coffee or other beverages. The coffee table is the focal point of the living room, cafes, restaurants, and occasionally even homes. “Round round the coffee table,” a familiar expression that promotes friendly interaction and light chat, is taken from the furniture.


Before you purchase a coffee table, think about its size. A large coffee table will dominate the space and should be avoided, while a little coffee table will look out of place and unwelcoming. This article can help you when you need to buy or rent a coffee table in the United Arab Emirates.

Measure things

The area in your living or family room where a coffee table will go should be measured. Getting this dimension correct is essential because you’ll need to make sure everything fits as intended.Measure the sofa’s height (and its seats). Measure the area where the armrests will be used when seated.

Your coffee table’s height should be measured. Most tables have a typical height that runs from 18 inches to 24 inches.

the breadth of your sofa, measured (and its seats). Try measuring each side separately if it isn’t symmetrical because they can be different sizes!

What Form?

Consider the following while choosing the shape of your coffee table:

First, think about how it will effect the general flow and atmosphere of your room. While a rectangular or square alternative could feel more imposing in some spaces, a circular coffee table can fit into almost any setting without having an overpowering effect.

Next, consider how useful this piece of furniture will be for your requirements. You might want something that serves only as decoration (i.e., isn’t used), something that also serves as storage, or even a place for visitors to sit when they come over.

On A Tight Budget

Take into account these suggestions if you’re looking for a coffee table but have a tight budget: Think about the room’s dimensions. If it is substantial, you can get away with purchasing bigger furnishings, such an enormous coffee table. But if your space is limited, go for something more manageable. It will appear less cluttered, giving the impression that your space is larger. Never purchase items that are overly big or little. That can give the space a strange vibe.

Rent V/S Buying

An improved alternative to purchasing is renting. Renting lets you benefit from a new one at a discount.

Also, you are spared the inconveniences of maintenance and upkeep.

Renting allows you to move around without incurring significant upfront charges such as closing costs or down payments.

Renting a coffee table is preferable to buying one. Simply select the item you want to rent, and leave the rest in the hands of the rental agency. Choose Mint Event Rentals the best event rental agency in UAE for any kind of parties and order now suitable coffee table from us.