f you have a cavity that requires filling, white composite resin fillings are likely the best choice for a seamless, natural restoration. Considering white fillings in Easton, PA? Read on for detailed answers to any questions you may have to make an informed decision.

What are white fillings made of and how do they differ from amalgam?

White fillings contain durable, bonded composite resin material instead of the metal alloys in amalgam fillings. Composite contains ceramic particles like silicon dioxide bound in plastic polymer materials. Unlike amalgam, composite contains zero mercury and matches natural tooth colors.

What are the main advantages of white fillings compared to silver amalgam?

White fillings offer superior aesthetics with no visible silver material. They require minimal removal of healthy tooth structure. There are no concerns about mercury exposure. White fillings resist stains better and maintain their color over time. They are more conservative of natural teeth.

How strong and durable are white fillings?

Modern dental composites match and even exceed the durability of amalgam fillings. Their wear resistance, flexural strength, and fracture toughness approach the properties of natural tooth structure. Reinforcing the material with fillers like quartz or glass particles boosts compressive strength. Properly placed white fillings now last seven years on average.

Do white fillings hold up well in back teeth that bear chewing forces?

Thanks to reinforced filler particles, white fillings stands up to molar and premolar biting forces very well. They exhibit high compressive strength and weight-bearing capacity. White fillings are routinely used in back teeth with great success. Their durability equals amalgams in the back of the mouth.

Is there any difference in how white fillings perform in front vs. back teeth?

The bonding procedure is the same, though back teeth fillings may be reinforced with higher filler content for added durability under biting forces. Both front and back white fillings exhibit stain and fracture resistance. In front teeth, more emphasis is placed on natural aesthetics.

Will white fillings stains and discolor like amalgam over time?

A major advantage of modern composite resins is they resist both surface stains and seepage of stains under the filling. This maintains their natural color match to your teeth over years of use. Amalgams tend to absorb stains along the edges and turn unsightly blackish over time.

Is tooth sensitivity a common side effect of white fillings?

Some minor sensitivity to hot, cold, or pressure is common right after a white filling, but it quickly subsides within a few days. Proper bonding technique helps minimize sensitivity risks. Using composites matched to the thermal expansion of natural enamel also reduces this effect.

How are white fillings placed differently than amalgam fillings?

White fillings only require minor roughening of the enamel surface for the bonding material to adhere. Amalgam fillings require shaping undercuts into the tooth structure and removal of healthy tooth to wedge the filling in place. White fillings conserve more of the natural tooth.

Are there any downsides to white fillings I should know about?

The main disadvantages are the higher cost compared to amalgam and slightly lower wear resistance in some cases. However, many dental insurance plans now cover composite resin at the same level as amalgam. The aesthetic and health benefits usually outweigh any small compromise in longevity.

Where can I get safe, natural-looking white fillings in Easton, PA?

If you want to get natural-looking white fillings in Easton, PA, then Haddad Dental is best choice for you. Haddad Dental is a leading dental clinic in Easton, Pa. Run by Dr. Kamal Haddad with over decade of experience in dentistry and cosmetics. Dr. Kamal Haddad provides the most advanced white fillings to Easton patients. With a focus on bonding techniques and composite materials, Dr. Haddad ensures your filling matches your natural tooth shade and provides durable restoration without drilling away extra healthy enamel. Contact Haddad Dental today at (123) 456-7890 for your white fillings.

For healthy, invisible fillings that conserve your natural smile, white composite resin is the right choice. Consult Dr. Haddad for cutting-edge white fillings tailored to your needs.

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