The concrete mixer and pump is amongst the newest entrants from the concrete pump lineup. It is really an advanced and multi-functional pump containing the ability to blend ingredients and produce high-quality concrete along with pump it towards the required site. What makes this equipment highly desirable would be the fact it is a more affordable and convenient in comparison to investing in a traditional concrete mixer along with a traditional concrete pump. Additionally, it helps to reduce the labor intensity of your project since fewer workers are needed to operate the equipment.

Depending on the type and kind of the concrete mixer and pump you choose, this equipment includes a concrete output including 25m3/h to 60m3/h. This is sufficient meet the requirements of small to large-scale construction projects. The pump can convey concrete vertically for any distance of 150 meters and horizontally to get a distance of 600 meters.

Types of Concrete Mixer and Pump

There are two main kinds of concrete mixer pumps depending on the engine accustomed to drive it:

– Diesel Concrete Mixer and Pump

This particular mixer pump utilizes a diesel engine. Because of this it will depend on fuel combustion for power, thus it can be used in almost any location irrespective of the accessibility of electricity. The diesel concrete mixer pump is the most popular type due to its reliability and lack of limitation.

Cement Mixer Pump

– Electric Concrete Mixer and Pump

The electrical concrete mixer and pump adopts an electric motor. Consequently it requires the option of adequate and stable electricity. This is the only limitation to the version from the pump, otherwise it shares the identical specifications as being the diesel pump. It is great for projects in cities and urban locations where there is certainly reliable electricity.

– Truck Mounted Concrete Mixer and Pump

Traditionally, the concrete mixer and pump is small sized and comes attached to a trailer that is pulled with a capable vehicle. However, now there is a brand new model which comes placed on a truck. It features a higher concrete output of 50m3/h to 60 m3/h.

Parts of the Concrete Mixer and Pump

The concrete mixer and pump is composed of the next key components that really work together to have the dual-function:

– Power system: motor unit or diesel engine

– Concrete hopper

– Concrete mixer: twin-shaft mixer, drum mixer, or planetary mixer

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– Control system: addititionally there is a choice of remote device

– Concrete delivery pipe

ABJZ40D electric portable concrete mixer pump

Features of the Concrete Mixer and Pump

Modular design

The concrete mixer and pump carries a modular design that offers several benefits including a quick installation time, simple and easy low-cost transportation, and small space occupation.

Quick ROI

The concrete mixer and pump features a low initial investment cost compared to buying a pumpcrete and gives a high and quick return on investment. By increasing productivity and reducing the labor intensity of your project, you are able to save on costs and realize higher profits.


Whilst the machine is sophisticated, using it is very easy. It doesn’t have got a steep learning curve along with the manufacturing process is automated ultimately causing a higher level of automation. Some models include the remote control option which makes them easier and far better to use.