Radiant heat service provides heat through floors in an apartment. These systems transfer heat through radiance- direct heat delivery from a warm surface to an occupant or object. 

The biggest feature they hold is energy-efficiency and silent operation. Since the heat source is under your feet, you get uniform temperature rise and displaced cool air. The installation process also doesn’t disturb any dust or allergens. You get a low running cost through radiant heat systems compared to furnace-based heating systems. 

You can save up to 25%-30% of cost and energy. The key components of installing a radiant heating system in Ottawa for optimal use. 

1- PEX tubing/heating mats/heating cables

This part is specifically involved with delivering heat. The heating cables, mats and PEX tubing are responsible for heat transfer. These components are used to distribute hot water or directly heat the water through electrical resistance. Electric floor warming wires fit into any floorplans. 

The installation process of these applications is easy. 

2- Manifold

It is the hub of a heating system. It helps in evenly distributing the hot water through various piping circuits. It is essential for a radiant heating system to have a manifold for supply and return. The supply function of the manifold distributes the water to the radiant loops to heat the space. 

3- Actuator fittings and valves

Valves control water flow. The fittings are responsible for connecting the piping and other components of the system. It requires a control signal and an electric current energy source. 

The actuator responds to the valve control signal by converting the energy into mechanical motion through fittings. 

4- Control pack

Each system needs a customised setting for users’ preferences. Every radiant heating system is built with a control pack. You can set and operate the overall system through the control pack. 

The control pack operates various functions. Through these functions, you can exercise different features of a heating system.  

5- Heating control (thermostat)

The last key component of a heating system is the thermostat. It is the last but the most important factor of a radiant heat system. A thermostat is essential for a user to set heating control on an individual opinion. Without a thermostat, a heating system is of no use. A thermostat can be turned off and on according to the air temperature you need. This is a highly energy-efficient heating control for flooring systems. 


Through all the above-mentioned key components, you get universal control and silent operating system for heat temperatures. 

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