The finals is a breakout hit, but most players are still honing their skills, so findingit’s effective strategies to get ahead of the competition is crucial. In this guide, we’ll explore some ways to outplay 99% of the player base easily.

Vuke Strategy:
You combine the C4 with the exploding barrels to instantly one-shot any enemy or even entire teams. Ideally, you will want to use the green or the gas barrels for this. Simply slap one or two C4s on top of the barrel and throw it towards the enemy. Once the barrel gets close enough, activate the C4 for an instant damage of over 478 per player.

Countering Gas Can:
To put out Fire in The Finals, you’ll need to use smoke. To get rid of Gas in The Finals, you only need to ignite it with fire. The best way to destroy Goo in The Finals is with fire, so using any of the items mentioned in the removing Gas section will also work effectively for Goo.

Scaling Buildings:
Quickly scale entire buildings by jumping out of windows, looking inside, jumping while strafing backward, and looking up while holding forward to grab onto ledges and ascend to the next floor.

Timely Cash Outs:
In tournament mode, if your team is ahead in cash, consider letting the timer run out instead of risking cash out. This can secure a win without unnecessary risks.

Strategic Respawns:
In tournaments or ranked games, strategically value your team’s lives. If wiped early, hide and respawn teammates once the enemy team has left. If wiped late, use coins to buy back instead of taking a 30% cash hit.

Practice Range Benefits:
Spend time in the practice range to study recoil patterns and refine aim with favorite weapons. Use crouching during revives or stealing cash to make yourself a harder target.

Heavy’s Mesh Shield:
Heavy’s Mesh Shield can be used while taking a zip line, providing additional protection. Ensure the heavy takes the zip line first, holding the shield toward the end to counter potential threats. Also, you need VRS to unlock new specializations, weapons, and gadgets to help you. This needs time to farm; U4gms’ the FINALS Boosting service that can help you achieve your goals fast, so you can focus on what matters!

Dominating Positions:
Identify dominant positions on the map, such as the hospital. If a cash box spawns there, prioritize capturing it, as it offers a strategic advantage against enemy teams.

Defibrillator Techniques:
When running a defibrillator with a medium build, use the optimal technique for reviving teammates in risky positions. Rub the defibrillators together, slide, and jump back into cover for efficient revives.

Premade Teams:
Join a premade team to communicate effectively, follow the meta, and improve coordination, providing a significant advantage over teams of random players.

Close-Quarter Combat:
In close-quarter combat (within 5-10m), opt for hip firing and strafing instead of aiming down sights. Use crouching and erratic movements to make yourself a challenging target.

Delayed Approaches:
Instead of being the first to grab the vault or initiate a cash out, consider waiting for other teams to make the initial moves. Join the fight strategically to maximize results.

Clearing Placed Objects:
Use the ABS turret to clear placed objects by attaching it to a throwable object and swinging it around. This trick can eliminate grenades, C4, and mines near the cash-out box.

Single Fire Weapons:
Improve accuracy with single-fire weapons like lh1 or v9s by taking a small moment between each shot to reset recoil with minimal effort.

High Ground Defense:
When holding a position, destroy any means of enemy teams reaching high ground. This includes zip lines, ladders, bridges, and walkways leading to your position.

Meta Compositions:
Adopt meta compositions like double medium and single heavy or double heavy and single medium. Focus on playing around each other, staying alive with utility, and maintaining firepower.

Cash Out Defense:
When defending a cash out, take surrounding high grounds or power positions to increase the chance of winning upcoming fights. Keep a view of the cash out while being ready to dive if needed.

Risky Plays:
Avoid super risky plays as they often don’t pay off and can lead to third-party encounters. Playing the slow, methodical game yields more wins than reckless pushes.

Delayed First Cash Out:
Consider delaying the first cash out capture unless both vaults are secured simultaneously. Waiting for the third vault to open may provide better results.

Knowledge is Power:
Study and understand how every item and ability works. Knowledge of the game mechanics can significantly improve gameplay and turn you into a valuable team member.

By incorporating these tips and mastering them, you can elevate your gameplay in the finals, outplaying the majority of the players!