Coffee has been a beloved beverage for centuries, and with its popularity comes the evolution of the tools used to create the perfect cup. One such tool is the grinder, which is responsible for turning roasted coffee beans into the fine grounds that are used to brew coffee. One of the most well-known grinder brands in the coffee industry is Anfim, which has a rich history and a reputation for producing high-quality grinders.

The History of Anfim Grinders

Anfim was founded in the 1950s in Milan, Italy, by two brothers, Achille and Carlo Gaggia. The Gaggia brothers were already well-established in the coffee industry, having invented the modern espresso machine in the 1930s. They saw an opportunity to improve the coffee grinding process, which at the time was done manually with a mortar and pestle or with a manual grinder.

The first Anfim grinder was created in 1960, and it was an instant success. It was the first grinder to use flat burrs instead of conical burrs, which allowed for a more consistent grind. The flat burrs also made it easier to adjust the grind size, which is crucial for creating the perfect cup of coffee.

Anfim continued to innovate over the years, creating new models of grinders that were more efficient, more consistent, and more user-friendly. In the 1970s, they introduced the Anfim Super Caimano, which was one of the first grinders to use dosing technology. This allowed for more precise and consistent dosing of coffee grounds, which is essential for creating the perfect espresso shot.

In the 1980s, Anfim continued to innovate with the introduction of the Anfim Super Lusso. This coffee grinder used a patented micrometric adjustment system, which allowed for even more precise control over the grind size. It was also one of the first grinders to use a digital timer, which made it even easier to dose coffee grounds.

The Evolution of Anfim Grinders

Anfim continued to innovate and improve their grinders throughout the 1990s and 2000s. They introduced new models that were more efficient and user-friendly, and they continued to refine their dosing technology.

One of the most significant innovations in recent years has been the introduction of the Anfim SP II Special Performance grinder. This grinder uses a new type of burr that is designed to be more precise and consistent, and it has been well-received by coffee professionals around the world.

Another recent innovation from Anfim is the Anfim SCODY II, which is a high-end grinder that is designed for use in speciality coffee shops and cafes. It features a touch-screen interface that allows for easy programming and dosing, and it has been praised for its speed and consistency.

Anfim grinders are now used in coffee shops and cafes around the world, and they have a reputation for producing consistent, high-quality grinds. They are also popular among home coffee enthusiasts who want to create the perfect cup of coffee in the comfort of their own homes.


The history and evolution of Anfim grinders in the coffee industry is a testament to the importance of innovation and quality in creating the perfect cup of coffee. Anfim has been at the forefront of grinder technology for decades, and their grinders continue to be used by coffee professionals and enthusiasts around the world. Whether you’re a barista in a coffee shop or a home coffee enthusiast, an Anfim grinder is a reliable and essential tool for creating the perfect cup of coffee.