It is pretty safe to say that taking bath salts is not going to make you go insane and burn your house down with your children inside. These sorts of media stories gripping the nation are huge cash opportunities for the news agencies because people love to see blood on paper. If you are going out and killing all of the town’s cats and dogs on bath salts then you already have significant problems and probably many other substance abuse issues on top of that. With that being said… bath salts are not to be taken lightly or tossed casually to a sleepy middle school lad trying to get his home work done.

With all the media attention that bath salts have been receiving, it is almost certain that this product will not be going anywhere. By stirring up a panic about it, they made a relatively small, but regular business into a huge boom of big business industry and knowledgeable chem heads making packets in their garage. Of course MDPV will eventually be a fully scheduled illegal substance in all 50 states, but there are HUNDREDS of research chemicals that can be cut with a harmless power and put in a bag for sale.

It takes state and federal legislation months to even catch up with what is available and often times years to ban new substances. There is a demand for this product (mostly created by all the media hype) and when there is a demand there will be a way found to supply it. Designer drugs are not a fad, they are a reality that people need to deal with and not lose their minds over. We can chemically engineer anything, and the government regulation and legislation process takes long enough that it’s worth it to sell.

When discussing the topic of research chemicals and MDPV zum Verkauf online their designer drug counter part “bath salts” there is myth, truth and out right lies being marketed to everyone that has come into contact with this subject. The general media has once again taken a real issue to an almost laughable extreme. Currently on the market there are research chemicals being consumed as a legal high. These research chemicals are being consumed under the guise of “bath salts”, “plant food”, “collectors items”, “water softeners” and other means that clearly suggest that these products are not for human consumption. As parents, citizens or (heaven forbid) consumers we need to be dedicated to non-biased information on these products to educate, inform and to share knowledge on these products.

Although the general media and government have almost made this topic a joke by the extreme reaction to substances that have been around for decades it is important to remember that these substances are about all else… drugs. As of recently they are also sometimes scheduled controlled substances. Being an educated parent, citizen and (if you choose to do so) consumer is much better then being the uneducated alternative. The most popular active ingredient is a research chemical called MDPV. MDPV is a basic “unscheduled” stimulant whose effects and side effects are very similar to cocaine. The chemical compound MDPV (which stands for Methylenedioxypyrovalerone) serves as the primary stimulant used to prepare a bath salt mixture. If you were to theoretically purchase a 500mg package of bath salt perhaps less then 5 percent of that package would actually contain the active drug. That is why many MDPV (Methylendioxypyrovaleron) online kaufen bath salt consumers have complained of “dud” packages where the contents appear normal but offer none of the desired side effects (other then perhaps some placebo effect). However the opposite can also be true and taking half a package could be enough to kill the consumer, their dog and half of their neighborhood. This is why caution, regulation and hopefully elimination is needed.

Also it is important to note that there is no such thing as a “bath salt drug”. There are mixtures of who knows what with small amounts of psychoactive research chemicals placed inside little jars being marketed as “baths salts, not for human consumption” under this huge umbrella term. There is no reason to run in terror from this “epidemic” of bath salts because it isn’t going anywhere.